Once bitten…

Today is one of those outrageously beautiful Indian summer days, all clear, deep blue skies dotted with cirrus clouds. As I walked into work the sun was low on the horizon, signalling the imminent arrival of autumn, currently waiting in the wings for our late summer to be done.

Of course, I can’t appreciate it. Because I’m shattered. It’s my own fault – I haven’t had books grab me like the Stephanie Meyers have for a couple of years now, and have therefore lost the willpower necessary to put them down at night. So, when I should have closed New Moon at midnight last night, I instead promised myself one more chapter… and each chapter drew me in further until, well, it was 4am and I was finishing the book.

And then I had strange, broken dreams featuring vampires.

Again, my own fault. I have been over-dosing on vampires of late – not deliberately, but between the Twilight books, Moonlight on Virgin 1, Being Human having just finished on BBC1, the Angel box set Kate loaned me and my anticipation over True Blood starting next week on C4… well, I often dream about vampires WITHOUT provocation, the last couple of weeks I really have been baiting the beast!

(Interesting side note (containing New Dawn spoilers – and if you have any comments please bear in mind I’m only at the end of book 2 so far, so no spoilers in return please!): I’m 100% ENTIRELY a Team Jacob girl. The thought of Edward being 17 forever and therefore never outgrowing the “teen angst” thing drives me insane. But then, I was always an Oz girl more than Angel, so I wonder if I’m actually just the playful wolf-type at heart – I can’t be bothered with all the brooding, soul-searching self-torture that comes as part of the “vampire” package… Of course, Mitchell is the exception, but then he doesn’t seem to brood as much as most – or even as much as George, his lupine companion. And he has great hair. 😉 )

Moving on, the sock dolls are taking over my living room. It’s amazing how fickle my addictions can be, and making these little fellas has quickly replaced my old fairy-making habit. As such, as soon as I have a working camera I intend to start listing them in my Feather Angels store on Etsy – along with my leftover fairies in time for the usual Christmas rush. I’m calling the sock dolls Toesles (as in toes). I’m quite pleased with how they’re turning out!





15 thoughts on “Once bitten…

  1. yay you started them!!!
    Team Jacob here too…I still haven’t watched the movie as I am worried I may switch just because of the eye candy aka HP actor boy/man!!
    True Blood is brilliant..I fight the urge to shout at the Twilight rip off aspects and enjoy the ‘adultness’ of it 😉
    Thank You for your lovely email (and lovely write up about me x) Glad you had a lovely birthday week xx

    • I’m worried about the films because no-one can possibly be as beautiful as I’m imagining Edward OR Jacob. And I really enjoy Robert Pattinson in HP, but he’s not how I envisage Edward at all. I am looking forward to True Blood though! 😀 xxx

  2. I haven’t got into the vampires yet but I know the feeling of not wanting to put a book down, to just want to read one more chapter.
    I will write you soon 🙂

  3. Oh, I remember those heady days of sleep-deprivation when I finally picked Twilight up and had to have its successors right away. For me it’s actually a really rare thing to find a book (or books) with that compulsive quality. Have you read the Charlaine Harris books yet? I read those quite quickly too, but that was partly thanks to getting into the tv series. Having patiently watched the first five episodes or so of True Blood week by week on FX, I suddenly cracked and sought it out online. I may have watched the rest of series 1 and all of series 2 bar the couple of episodes that hadn’t aired in America yet in.. oh, two days?! The second series is even better than the first, in my opinion.


    PS. I’m completely Team Edward. Ooh, & can’t wait for new Being Human.

    • It’s rare for me too! Last ones were the Inkhert trilogy, before that the Garth Nix Abhorsen trilogy which I actually took in and read under the desk at work! Ive not read any Charlaine Harris – do you recommend?

      Am looking forward to True Blood! Yay! And cannot WAIT for Being Human!!


      • Ooh, I read the Inkheart and Abhorsen trilogies relatively recently. Love the Abhorsen books, really liked Inkheart to start with but felt it got a bit tired towards the end. Any other recommendations?? The Charlaine Harris books are quite good so long as you do read them quite quickly. Not sure they’d stand up to being savoured, but then maybe I read them too quickly to notice (all nine in a week)?!


        • Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen are my favourite teen/young adult books of the current era. I remember reading the Pullmans and thinking nothing could top them, but the Nix did it for me – amazing!

          After Twilight I have a couple of the Philip Reeve books to try, as well as Gargoyle and some classic science fiction, a Jasper Fforde and the latest Boris Akunin. Recently read The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs, which was good but bizarre…

          Are you on Good Reads? If so, look me up. If not get on there – it’s great!

          Oh, and I assume you’re all read up on your Gaimans?! 😀


  4. My mom’s a die hard fan of the True Blood series and has been pestering me to watch it, forgetting of course that we’re 6 mos behind over here – bless her, in her enthusiasm she keeps telling me all the plot twists! I LOVE the Toesles – adorable name! – I’m going to have a look in the market today for some cheap socks and have a go. Any insider tips?

    • Don’t tell me any plot twists – LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!! 😀

      Yay to making toesles – and don’t forget to email us the results for the blog! No insider tips, just experiment lots! 😀 xx

  5. Sorry don’t mean to turn your comments page into a book review page but I am so hyped need to share lol!!
    Last night I stayed up til half 1 finishing Emily Barr – The Sisterhood – wow! fabulous, have read a couple of her other books – if you haven’t already read it I highly recommend……was so good I didn’t even skip to the end which I frequenly do!!

    Watching Twilight this weekend with my 12 year old – have plucked up the courage!!! 😉

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