Advice much needed

Next week it’s my friend Mike’s birthday. As is common, we are therefore gathering on Saturday at his place in Manchester to celebrate his birthday. We are planning to celebrate his birthday by going out for food, hitting a few Manchester bars and going dancing.

I think the plan is to recreate our glory days at uni by finding a cheesy club playing cheesy music to dance our cheesy lil hearts out to. Which I am all in favour of – I like a cheesy dance from time to time. But I’m having major problems with what to wear.

The last time I went clubbing… No. Let me start that again. I can’t actually remember the last time I went clubbing. The last time I frequented clubs was in the late 90s-2000, my university years, when tie-around backless tops and boob tubes were all the rage and every lass had a well-stocked collection of Bay Trading lycra-mix dresses, Spice Girls-esque platform shoes, twist-in hair jewels and glittery choker necklaces. Everything was either super-thin-spaghetti-strapped or strapless, and the multiway bra was a girl’s best friend. I actually used to tie a scarf in a knot in the centre of my back and wear it as a top. Tailoring never even crossed my mind…

So I guess what I need to know is, what do people wear to go clubbing these days?? I see girls in bars in Leamington who I assume are going clubbing, usually looking like some sort of Girls Aloud tribute band… is that the typical look? Because I’m not convinced I can pull that look off… More to the point, I’m not convinced I want to…

The only thing I can think of in my wardrobe that gets even close to that look is the lovely coral skirt I bought in Primark, ADORE completely, but find too short for everyday wear. Would this work, maybe with by black body top and some sort of heels? Am I allowed to wear tights, or is the corned beef/oranga-tan look requisite? Can someone PLEASE come and sort through my wardrobe and just pick me something out??

There is a reason I don’t go clubbing. I thought it was to do with my hatred for being leered at, grabbed at and generally sleazed over – well, that and my severe dislike for sticking to floors. But I’m beginning to wonder whether, actually, it’s because when it comes to clubbing I can unequivocally state without a hint of irony that I have NOTHING TO WEAR.


10 thoughts on “Advice much needed

  1. I never know what to wear when going clubbing. I made an attempt to solve the problem by buying a short black dress (in Oxfam). My plan was to change shoes and necklaces over time, but basically just to blend in. Although this was slightly scuppered by my sister announcing that the dress was very short!

    Anyway I suggest a LDB for every occassion. With tights if it’s cold.

    • I do have an LBD – in fact I have two! But one has an assymetric hem and the other a handkerchief hem, which, while very popular at the time of purchase, are now very dated! I need a clssic LBD really, a timeless one…

      I wish I could just wear one of my 50s halternecks without fear of spillage all over it!

      Extremely pleased to hear I’m allowed to wear tights though! 😀

  2. Well, on the rare occasions I go to clubs, I just wear what I always wear and I don’t get involved with any type of clubwear so I say just wear whatever you fancy that day!

    What about the strapless dress you got when I was there? Strapless with a net and a kind of 80sish print? Do you know the one I mean?


    • Oooooh – I’d forgotten that one! I love that dress! Oh good call lady, I’m so trying that on tonight! I could wear it with my hot pink tights and it would look like I was wearing them as an accessory rather than just to cover my corned-beef legs!


  3. Ooooh that skirt is gorgeous! I tend to avoid clubbing too now (I’m an awful dancer and I don’t have the patience for really drunk people spilling their drinks on me!) but most girls seem to wear dresses or skirts. You could tuck a black top into the skirt, wear a patent belt, tights, and some suede high heels (primark do some lovely ones)

    That or persude the others to go fancy dress 🙂

    • That’s kinda the look I was thinking of. If my camera was working I’d do two outfit shots for you – one of the dress Sarah suggested and one of the skirt – and let y’all decide. Hmm, there must be a way around this…


  4. Way round it: possibly camera phone? Keep forgetting to send my spare. Will get round to it but by then you probably won’t have any more camera-less emergencies.

    May be more than useless here as I used to frequent rock clubs in my youth and avoided others like the plague because I had to wear heels but I like the sound of Sarah’s suggestion. As I recall, it was mostly a case of whatever kept you coolest 🙂

    Have fun!

    • Kate has loaned me her spare for the time being. I really have no luck with electronics! :S

      She has also loaned me a corset, which I’m going to try on…

      I usually have no problems with this sort of thing! 🙂 xx

  5. Can I just say that save for my days as a fully fledged indie chick in the late 90’s where I could almost always be found in some dark, dank and suspisciously sticky rock club and skater jeans and bindi’s were my uniform (seriously, I so thought I was Rayanne Graff) – you have completely described the horrors of clubbing attire! Bay Trading. Shudder the memories…

    Anyway, LOVE the coral skirt – so bright and a perfect answer to the dreary days we’re getting right now. Think it would look perfect with black body/cardi/opaques and maybe a contrasting bright heel? That would be Girls Aloud without being obnoxious about it 🙂

    You need to get a camera fix going on so we can have a vote on your choices missy!

    A x

    • I wanted to be Gwen Stefani in her early No Doubt days. I still never really did the jeans thing (though I did have some rather fabulous self-made flares with HUGE pink cord stars appliqued on… and I used to buy men’s skater jeans instead of women’s for the baggy fit!) but I was all about the mini skirt/knee boots/corset-or-sheer top/bindhi and tiara combination. And the little twists and plaits in my hair. AND the doubles up rubber wrist bands… HEEE!

      Ok, since you asked, I’m about to do a catwalk or y’all… Though I think I’ve now made my decision anyway! 😀 xx

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