Lovely legs

Why do I have such expensive tastes? I LOVE these tights – they’re so very beautiful and I want them to make my legs beautiful too. Sadly, I do not have £29 to throw away on something I will doubtless ladder in the first 20 minutes of pulling over my feet.

Olga tights

Olga tights by Bebaroque: £29 from The Shop Floor Project

UPDATED: Oh my. These are even prettier!

Bebaroque Carnival

Bebaroque Carousel tights: £50 from MyTights


4 thoughts on “Lovely legs

  1. those tights are so you!
    they go perfectly with something you have I just can’t remember what it is–I think it’s an aqua dress that really brings out your hair or something
    you have to get them!
    Well, no, you don’t. But couldn’t you find something similar for less? Or ask for it for Christmas?

  2. hmm, my justification would be that on a “bad” day (or good) I could sink £30 of cocktails with my girlfriends, or I could spend that on ingredients for a cooking/baking experiment or I would probably spend more than that on a meal out. All of which wouldn’t last beyond the moment.

    They are gorgeous – go on and treat yourself! xx

  3. ACK! I don’t even know the proper conversion rate between dollars and pounds, but I just imagine the price in dollars. I couldn’t do it. I know how fast I ruin tights. I have to buy all of mine at Walmart and even then, feel like I’m just wasting money.

    I did buy a new purse this week even though I have approximately 847,000 purses in my closet because I *deserved* it. So, if you “deserve” these tights like I “deserved” that purse, then by all means, go for it! It’s your money.

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