More advice needed…

Though actually I know which I feel most comfortable in and therefore which I’m most likely to wear…

a) IMG_0960 b) IMG_0962

c) IMG_0964 d) IMG_0966


11 thoughts on “More advice needed…

  1. I hated going to clubs when I was in college, so I’m pretty sure I’m extremely unqualified to judge which is best now that I’m a 33 year old mother. That said, I voted for D.

  2. Wait…you know how crazy I am for red/black combos. Could you do the skirt & top in D with a red jacket/cardi and shoes? That would be cute. I can’t remember what all you have.

    You really wanted another idea, didn’t you? 😉

    • I do have those cute little red shoes that I can’t walk very far in… and of course, lots of red cardis!

      Hmmm – I’ll give that a go! Good call Corey! 😀

  3. Ah they’re all lovely options! I went for D in the end as you don’t have to worry if drinks are spilt, but I love the tights in A too and the skirt is fab! Which one are you most comfortable in?

    • I’m not sure if a) is a bit more wintery – if I were going to a Christmas party or something it might feel more appropriate? I’m glad everyone likes d) – it’s def my favourite!

  4. I like a!!!!!
    Love those tights and the 80’s feel to the dress – I would wear that outfit…:)
    (though that may not be complimentary from someone who rarely goes out any more *sob*!!!)

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