Forties Friel

Over at Natasha Bailie’s blog (check out her amazing vintage clothing store here) she has posted about Anna Friel’s recent vintage styling, as influenced in her current role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Anna has been snapped leaving the theatre looking sensational in various forties inspired ensembles (the original era of the book), but the dress that has really caught my eye is this amazing gown. I just had to share…

Anna Friel

The cut… the waist…. the frills… the fabric… the fullness of the skirt… I want one! Maybe in purple. Hmmm.

(And does anyone else think it would make an astounding vintage-inspired wedding dress?)


5 thoughts on “Forties Friel

  1. I agree with Lauren – I think a deep midnight blue would work beautifully with that fabric and that shape. I think the neckline would need to be altered a little bit for a wedding dress – not to make it low-cut, but a wee bit more open and it would be spot on!

  2. I used to dress up in my next door neighbour’s mum’s wedding dress when I was a kid and it was just like that, so yes, I think it would be fantastic for a wedding!

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