At Pains

I’m still sore, my knee is still painful and swollen, but I felt I’d left you all hanging too long and you deserved a little something to keep you all going… So, here are a few outfit shots for you – my casual travelling outfit from Saturday, and the outfits I wore to attempt work, firstly on Monday morning, then again today. As you can see from today’s outfit, comfort was the focus above and beyond anything else – there’s no other way you’d get me in work in jeans and – GASP – trainers!





Note the slightly hidden, rather swollen knee!



Apparently I looked slightly greenish-grey today, which is why my boss managed to convince me to return home and work from my bed, which I frankly can’t complain about! It was also decidedly cold, and my red gloves saw their first outing of the year (to match my beret).

Having been confined pretty much to my bed all week I have very little else to tell. Oh, except that injuring your leg is a great weight loss aid – if it hurts more to get food than to go without your stomach soon starts to shrink.


One thought on “At Pains

  1. If this comes up twice I’m sorry but I’m having trouble with my computer!

    I love Monday’s outfit; pretty and smart.

    I hope the knee is less painful today and you are feeling a bit better xxx

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