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After a week of living on tea and the occasional boiled egg I suddenly found myself quite hungry and without milk last night. The hunger, heavily weighted with my Twinings English Breakfast habit, quickly outweighed the pain, and I limped to the corner shop to grab milk and something sustaining to nibble on.

The local corner shop was offering a fabulous array of fresh, ripe, autumnal aubergines – the average sized egg plants we’re used to here in the UK, the small bell-shaped aubergines favoured in Thai cuisine, the little fingers variety preferred for use in curries… I grabbed a couple of regulars, a pepper and some fresh coriander (to which a free extra bunch was swiftly added by the owner, as it wasn’t as fresh as he’d like!) and figured I’d suss something out when I got home…

Which is how I ended up with aubergine bake for my tea, with bubbly cheesy topping – mmmmm! Oh, and two bunches of untouched coriander!


To make the bake I salted and lightly oiled the sliced aubergines and cooked at 180C for 10 mins. Meanwhile I sweated half an onion, garlic, half a diced red pepper and some mushrooms in a spot of oil and dried mixed herbs, and added a tin of chopped tomatoes. I beat an egg and added a dash of milk and some grated cheddar, then layered them in a dish – veg first, then slices of aubergine, then cheese and egg mix… aaaaaaand repeat! Then I added a bit of extra cheese – for the bubbly cheesy goodness, y’know – and baked at 180C for 25 mins.


Mmmmmm, bubbly cheesy veggie goodness!


4 thoughts on “Food stuff

  1. I was thinking about our SMB recipe book and how it would be good to have a comfort food section (since those are the only recipes I can probably contribute!) – this would definitely qualify!

  2. You know you don’t need to salt aubergines anymore to remove the bitterness. The same way that they have modified them to mean you don’t have to de-seed them they modified them to be less bitter. So as long as the aubergine is ripe, salt not needed. Just thought you might liekto know 🙂

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