Eclectic Eccentricity


For my birthday, my lovely friend Jess sent me a voucher to buy myself a little pressie from fabulous online boutique Eclectic Eccentricity. Being highly excited I got straight online, chose this beautiful “Bella of the Ball” cameo locket, checked out… and forgot to use my voucher! D’oh!

I sent an email explaining my mistake and asking whether there was any chance at all they would consider refunding me so that I could use my voucher – I must admit, I didn’t have much hope for this as I was entirely at fault in the matter. They were so good about it, refunded me on the spot and got my necklace out the same day! Fast delivery, generous service, friendly staff – and stunning jewelery! I can’t recommend them highly enough!


6 thoughts on “Eclectic Eccentricity

  1. Sounds like a company that deserves to do well! Went to the website and found it a strange experience – Some things I loved and others I hated, with not much in between!

    • You’re welcome – and I do love my necklace. I wore it out on Saturday, and have a dress it is perfect with for the office. Thanks for being so helpful! 😀 x

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