Recovery positions

Well, it has been an interesting week. Thanks to the knee I’ve been pretty much confined to my flat, largely my bed, for the most part. I have had a lot of time to read and made a fair few Toesles (pics below), work very kindly let me bring some chores home rather than suffer in the office Thursday and Friday, and I struggled into Ben’s car and into Waterstones in Stratford long enough to interview for a weekend job on Saturday morning. (I got the job btw – start next Saturday!)


My interview outfit – the flattest boots I own.

Otherwise I’ve missed out on everything. I missed our Sew Make Believe meeting on Wednesday (read Kate’s round-up on the blog) and more importantly, the Rag Market trip yesterday. I’ve actually felt quite low – aside from the physical pain, not having someone to look after you when you’re immobile can be emotionally wrenching. Thankfully, just as I got to a real low point on Friday, Lauren picked up on one of my tweets and turned up on the doorstep, swept me away in Ben’s car and fed, watered and returned me later! They also bought me a present to cheer me up:


Isn’t he cute?
He’s a little less substantial now, having been nibbled upon…

On Saturday I was considering joining the girls after my interview, but was still in too much pain, so I came home, yet again. But lovely Kate had decided to come round and look after me in the evening. She brought me fabulous feel better/sorry you couldn’t come gifts:



Cath Kidston tin of threads


Cath Kidston writing set

She also brought a curry from Selfridges Food Hall (mmmmm!), and refused to let me move an inch all evening – she cooked, washed up, and made endless pots of tea while we watched the Twilight movie. Sometimes people in your life just seem to know exactly what you need – and I am so grateful for that.

So, the Toesles. Some I haven’t photographed yet, and I have made a few as gifts (which therefore won’t be on here until after they’ve been gifted!) but a handful follow, beginning with the piggy pin-cushion I made for Helen’s birthday a couple of weeks back:







13 thoughts on “Recovery positions

  1. I still can’t get over how cute these are! I forgot to take the book (along with Dr horrible and Enchanted!) so will have to grab those next time. Hope your knee heels quickly and don’t worry, you will have lots of club business to help me with!

    • Don’t worry, the book is waiting to be borrowed (though you may have to be quick with it – Christie’s waiting in the wings to swoop in!) in a pile with Enchanted, Dr Horrible, your corset and your necklace. (You’re making a habit of leaving necklaces at my place!)

  2. I’m glad someone took care of you, and hope you do feel better now.
    Congrats on the job!
    Your piggies and bunnis are very cute.

    • Heee – happy to hear you approve, Kate! πŸ˜€

      I’m wearing this again today – it’s a comfy travelling outfit and I can walk in the boots. It’s definitely one of my favourite dresses ever – the colours and patterns are fabulous!

  3. Throwing my two cents in, the piggy pincushions are aDORable! I really need to filch that book of yours, I’ve got my socks but no idea where to start….. I was sorry to hear you couldn’t join us on Saturday, but probably a better idea to rest your knee rather than march around Birmingham – my back was killing me later that evening so God only knows what kind of shape you would’ve been in. Speaking of which GET THEE TO A DOCTOR WENCH, if only cuz they give out the best drugs (you can take my share) πŸ˜€ If you’re up for a trip to Leicester in the next few weeks, have a word with Nat – she’s offered to come and keep a preggie lady company once a week – and you can join us for a day of sewing, baking and general laid back amusement.


    • You’re next in line for the book after Kate hon, don’t you worry!

      I’ll have a natter with Nat – see what she’s got planned. A day of sewing baking and girliness sounds fabulous!


    • Ooooh, I like your website! Very nice! And I read your Guardian features too – didn’t know you’d done them! Fantastic stuff, well done honey!

      I’m kinda hoping the weekend job will give me some energy – I sit on my backside all day, if one day a weekend I’m motivated and on my feet, I’ll surely end up more energised??

      It’s a theory! πŸ˜€ xx

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