Bread-and-Butter Pudding for one: a comfort food classic

Last week I was craving something sweet and comforting. Living as I was on boiled eggs and toast soldiers, I had minimal resources in my kitchen beyond bread, butter, milk and, well, eggs! My baking cupboard was also stocked with caster sugar and dried fruit as usual…

So, I spread three slices of white bread, crusts off, both sides with butter and sprinkled very lightly with a little grated cinnamon and nutmeg. I layered these in my pyrex porridge bowl, adding a little vanilla sugar and a few sultanas between each layer. Then I whisked caster sugar into a beaten egg, slowly added milk and poured over the bread slices, wobbling the dish gently to allow the milk to fill the air bubbles and making more space for the batter-like custardy goodness! I dusted a little cinnamon on top, and left the dish for a few minutes to allow the bread to really soak through.

(If you like a crusty, caramelised top you can sprinkle extra sugar on the pudding as well as the cinnamon. I personally felt there was enough sweetness in the dish already by this point! I also like to make sure that the top layer of bread isn’t too flat – I love the crunchy toasted corners that poke through the custard.)

It’s then just a matter of popping the pud in a pre-heated oven and leaving to bake – should take about 45 minutes on 150C. And voila! Dense, comforting bread-and-butter pudding to warm your cockles on a cold winter’s night. I recommend serving with a mug of hot tea and a blanket for ultimate cosy indulgence!


4 thoughts on “Comforting

  1. That looks deliscious!

    B&B pudding is even good enough for guests, especially if you soak the dried fruit in a drop af Brandyfor half an hour before making it! xxx

    • Oh, I would have no qualms about serving it to guests – though I’d probably drop choc chips through rather than sultanas. I more likely to have chocolate in the house than brandy!

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