Chlorine is my kryptonite

Sunday I spent lap-counting at the Soroptimists’ swimathon (approx £10,000 pledged by the end of the day – and it’s always more once all the sponsorship has been collected!). I had a leisurely hour-long walk along the canal to get there, followed by four hours poolside, by which point the heat and the chlorine had made me feel sick, woozy and faint. (Do woozy and faint mean the same thing? I’m never quite sure…) I took an hour out to act as runner, taking sponsorship forms and running totals up and down between poolside and the accountants’ office, then was back poolside for the final hour. Half way through I realised I could hardly see straight, my head was pounding, I had spots in front of my eyes and felt like I might vomit. A kindly soroptimist took over for me, and I sat outside breathing in fresh air for the last 20 minutes of the competition before being driven home. Even the fresh air wasn’t enough to clear my head, and I had to go to bed for an hour and a half to start to feel better. Still I guess I learned about another of my weaknesses! Chlorine IS my kryptonite!


Sky Pirates

I’m reading The Last of the Sky Pirates, one of the Edge Chronicles at the moment. It’s a kids book (I love kid’s books) and therefore very exciting in places, I would say ideal for any 11 year old boys out there (it has reams of praise lifted out of fan mail from young boy readers in the front), and could be described as Harry Potter without the magic in a Terry Pratchett-esque world, written in the classic style of a Tolkein quest novel – only with more accessible language. (Phew!)  The books are beautifully illustrated with Chris Riddell’s line drawings throughout, which brings the bizarre creatures of Paul Stewart’s warped and spectacular imagination to life. The books make for great Christmas gifts for eager readers! (Sales pitch over!)

Anyway, point is, it was a little too exciting to put down last night, and I ended up reading until my eyelids began to fail me. I remember closing my book and rolling over. I vaguely remember reaching my right arm out towards the light switch…

And that’s where I woke up at 5am, light stil on, right arm stretched out across the pillow in the vague direction of the lamp. I fell asleep before my fingers quite reached their destination. That’s almost embarrassing!


What I wore today:



2 thoughts on “Chlorine is my kryptonite

  1. That sounds like heatstroke – my only question is how in hell you managed heat stroke in the UK in the middle of October?! I’m all homesick now……

  2. It’s funny but outdoor pools are fine for me (although breath-stealingly cold) but I get the same as you in indoor pools. I think it’s a mix of the chlorine, heat and humidity. Ick.

    I’ve heard of the Edge Chronicles but hadn’t read them. Definitely going to have to give them a go. Woo, more to add to the Christmas reading list.

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