On veg and magnetics

I have joked in the past about having some sort of magnetic forcefield around my body that destroys electronics. In the last 2 months my laptop died, shortly followed by my camera, and on Friday night, my kettle. My screen in the office, while working perfectly well for everyone else, flickers, stripes and even turns itself off and on again when I sit at it. There seems to be no logical explanation for any of these break-downs.

Yesterday afternoon I was… let’s say, in a heightened state of emotional confusion.  I phoned home to speak to my step dad. I don’t often speak to my step dad by choice, but when I’m in an emotional state that will be made worse by sympathy I know he’s the one to call. He’s too impatient to take my hysterics, too practical to let me wallow without coming up with solutions, and too tactless to say “the right thing” – which is just as well as “the right thing” is always the last thing I want to hear. I’d been on the phone about 10 minutes when the line went silent. My battery wasn’t dead, my signal bar was full, my phone had just decided to cut out, turn off and refuse outright to turn on again.

And that’s how it has been behaving since. I’m getting text messages – well, sometimes – though if I try to reply it tells me my contacts aren’t ready.  I can sometimes receive calls, sometimes not, sometimes make calls, sometimes not. Regular switching on and off again is a necessity. It has simply stopped playing ball.

I’d like to think that this is technology’s way of telling me it needs upgrading – that I need a macbook pro, an SLR camera, a Delonghi Icona kettle in blue (ok, I may have used my nectar points to order one of these… 😀 ) and an iphone… but seeing as their breaking always coincides with my having ZERO spare cash it seems unlikely. In fact the theory that my state of mind blows them up from the inside-out seems infintely more probable!


This lunchtime I worked out why I find it so difficult to buy vegetables in Asda. The store is just so badly laid out! The most important, nutritious, bulking-out element of any budget cooking is squashed into too small a space, in crates that make it difficult to see, in a rather confusing order and with many items consistently sold out. At this time of year I’d be expecting to see seasonal offers on squash and the like at the front of the store, but unfortunately, the bottom of the fruit and veg aisle is also the self-service checkout area, so usually jam-packed with impatient queuers…  Also, I’m a bit impatient myself, and while I’ll happily queue at a market stall to get hold of my pick of the crop, I really can’t be bothered negotiating the dozen or so couldn’t-care-less slow-coach shoppers who aren’t on their lunch hour and so have no sense of urgency at all. These factors combined make the fruit and veg section impossible to navigate!

Of course, there is a slim chance that today was not the best day to judge…


3 thoughts on “On veg and magnetics

  1. I think there may be something in your forcefield theory, because my mum is exactly the same – they have three laptops in the house (yes, I know) and anytime any one of them is placed on my mum’s lap, it will start flickering or refuse to work. It’s especially bad if she tries to watch videos on them for some reason, but as soon as the laptop is trasferred to someone else, it will work perfectly. Odd.

  2. Just seconding Amber really. A friend of mine is exactly the same; all electronic equipment goes haywire around him, even if it’s working perfectly before. I definitely think there is something in that.

    And so sorry about the general bad luck situation. That sounds rather empty and hollow, but genuinely – thinking of you.

  3. yeaouch
    could it have been more inconvenient? Yes, it could have. It could have made all the telephone numbers vanish. Are they backed up on your provider’s website?

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