Got the blues!

My kitchen is decorated in various shades of blue. It started when my ex’s Mum started buying me Nigella kitchen stuff in duck egg, and escalated on a rolling scale until, well, everything was blue – spatulas, splades, spoon cradles – everything.

Well… almost everything: my kettle has always been stainless steel and black, because that’s what colour Asda £9.97 kettles happen to come in.

On Friday night, as I plonked on another episode of House, I decided I needed a cuppa. I filled my kettle, flicked the switch down… and nothing happened. I checked I had actually flicked the switch, but it still wasn’t playing ball. In a fit of completely uncharacteristic DIY self-confidence, I pulled out my tool box AND my tool kit (yup, I have both a tool box and a tool kit. The box is big and heavy and black and contains things I don’t think I’ll ever need – like a hacksaw. The kit is my first port of call in an emergency. It’s pink.) and attempted to remove the base of the kettle to see what was going on. I got two out of three screws out, before I realised that the third screw was a completely different fitting to the others, and that none of the 26 srewdriver heads I have in total between both kits would actually fit.

I gave in and set a saucepan on the hob. I’ve made a lot more pots of tea this last week than usual. And put my wool beret to excellent use in the absence of a tea cosy!

This convoluted story is my long-winded way of justifying spending 17000 nectar points on a brand spanking new DeLonghi kettle. And guess what?


It’s blue!


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