You sneaks!

Have you ever heard of a sneak attack? I hadn’t until about 8.20 this evening – but I can tell you it’s one of the most amazing shows of kindness I’ve seen…

The blogosphere is a wonderful place. I know I wax lyrical about the friends, virtual and physical, I have been able to make here, but unless you’re a part of it it’s impossible to understand just how amazing bloggers are… so let me show you:

I had the most appalling day at work today. Beyond being made redundant, we are being treated in a way that’s hurtful, a way that makes it difficult not to take things personally. I have dealt pretty well with it until today, but I think things finally sank in this morning and it really brought me down. I came home feeling utterly miserable, barely made it through my door before I started crying and then I just sobbed. I knew I was supposed to be at Ben and Lauren’s, but just couldn’t face the main road until I was sure the tears had run their course.

I eventually arrived at Ben and Lauren’s and had a chat about stuff, drank tea and ate cookies, pulled up my emails on Lauren’s laptop and faffed about a bit… they persuaded me to stay for dinner, Ben went to the shop for food and Lauren went to the kitchen to wash up so I decided to refresh my emails – and suddenly I had 30 – yes, 30 – unread! I figured there must be some sort of mistake…

The emails were from Etsy, and each came with this adorable little note:

“For our Caroline – a little virtual hug, just because we thought you might need it. All our love, your friends from the blogosphere xxx”

The eternally wonderful Amy of Wonderland Boutique had set the whole thing up, emailing and DM-ing my various blogging and twitter friends, suggesting they “sneak attack” me at 8pm. The equally wonderful Kate and Lauren got some of the SMB girls involved too, and between them all they cleared my Toesles out!

So, to the following people a HUGE thank you – for your kindness, your generosity, your thoughtfulness, your resourcesfulness, for turning my lowest day, probably in the last 18 months into something quite unbelievably awesome.

It’s hard to believe – especially considering I’ve written over 500 words about it already – but there really is no way of expressing what this means to me. I went from wondering what I’d done to deserve to be treated so abhorrently to wondering what I could ever have done to deserve such incredibly thoughtful and caring people in my life. You girls really do amaze me.



22 thoughts on “You sneaks!

  1. You are one of the most truly amazing people I have ever had the priviledge to know, never mind to have as my closest friend. You have such an wonderful outlook on life and yes, you have been dealt the truly s***y end of the stick over the last few years, but your strength is unparalleled to anyone else I know. You carry yourself with such grace and dignity at all times, you are truly inspiring. I am who I am because of you, your kindness, your love and of course, that all important first cup of tea in your C-Floor kitchen.

    Never forget and let go of just how wonderful you are. through the darkness always comes light and the all important gin. You’ve dealt with worse. You’ve just got to keep remembering how many people care about you, and how deeply it’s set. You deserve to know.

    Love you always,


  2. Dear Cie, don’t thank me yet, I’m still struglig with paypal(I knew one day technologie would get it’s revenge on me).
    The ladies had a wonderful idea and hope somehow it made you feel warmer inside.
    I do care for you and hoped we could be closer.

  3. I’m sorry that things are tough for you at work at the moment.

    I am glad though that someone so thoughtful knew how to perk your spirits, and I’ m so glad it worked!!

    I also have to say how much I love your new blue kettle. Such a pretty item that’s going to be perfect with all your other dainty wares.

  4. Without wanted to make you yak, I feel blessed that I found a friend like you. I am glad that the sneak attack went to plan and now I have some fantastic Christmas presents to give! Also, my mum asked me to buy stuff for her – when I told her what Amy had planned, she wanted in on the action too!

    I know things are tough at the moment. As you mentioned in a previous post, it’s not really possible to say ‘the right thing’ without making you want to hurl a book at me! Instead I will just say that despite how badly you are being treated at work, there are people that really care about you. People you have known for years, and those you have known for just months.


  5. I also have no desire to make you share your breakfast with the world, but I too feel lucky to know you – we all do! After hearing your awful news, we just wanted to do something practical to help and show that we were thinking of you (and hopefully avoid the book-hurling) especially from those of us who don’t live close enough to pop round and offer a hug – not to mention a large helping of cake and gin – hence our virtual one!

    All the girls were a fantastic help in rush-organising this – especially the lovely Kate and Lauren – and everyone who I had to shamelessly blog and twitter-stalk to track down, instantly wanted to be involved and do all they could for you. I also can’t quite believe that we managed to keep it a secret from you, even if it was only for a matter of days! Coming from a bunch of women who share our lives with the world wide web, I think that’s either an amazing achievement or a fluke – I suspect the former of course!

    I’m so pleased that it came off well in the end and that we managed to give you the little pick-me-up that we hoped for – plus your Toesles all now have a place to call home!

    Much love to you Cie,
    A x

  6. What a wonderful support network you have! That was a really lovely and thoughtful thing for Amy to do and clearly goes to show that the good people appreciate you!

    I really hope you get a fab new role that you deserve.

  7. I’m so proud of you Caroline. You are the most caring and loving person I know and your blogging friends can see that too. Nat’s right; you have delt with worse that this and you are strong but it helps to know you have friends – especially those you have never even met!

    From a mum who loves her daughter very much – ‘Thanks Girls’

  8. Awww. I would have been invoved too if I had known – what lovely girls!!!!

    Caroline, we don’t know each other in the real world but in our virtual world can I tell you how much you inspire me to live a better life. I have told you before that the joy you find in little simples things is a massive kick up the bum for me, and since I started reading your blog you have made me want to be a better person.

    I now embrace my creative side (badly) with a bit of knitting, I make cakes, I am dying to make a toesle, I thrift things with the full intention of altering them and I love it – blkoody hell, I even made jam! I only had my eyes opened to all these lovely things by you and all the colour in your beautiful heart.

    Something really exciting is just around the corner for you – I can just feel it. And me and all the lovely ladies will be wishing super hard for it to happen for you because you deserve it. Would love to meet you in the real world one day!

    mandi x

    • Awww, thanks sweetie – what a lovely thing to be told! I’m so glad you’re enjoying knitting, baking etc!

      Thank youfor the good wishes – and it would be lovely to meet up in the real world. Where are you based? If it’s somewhere I get about to I’m sure we culd manage a cuppa some time! Or, if you’re close to here you culd always come to our Toesle making workshop next Wednesday – meet the lovely ladies for yourself!!!


  9. Glad it helped you honey. I didn’t know Amy before but she’s clearly a very sweet girl for masterminding this and roping us all in. Looking forward to receiving my snowman & he will be part of my Christmas decorations and make me smile every time I look at him remembering this virtual act of kindness I was part of. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and that next week will be better for you.

  10. Hey Cie, I’ve clearly come in a bit late BUT … from the moment I met you in the Waterstones’ staffroom in 2003, looking for all the world like a demure schoolgirl, to now I have counted you as one of my best friends.

    You’re a wonderful woman with a heart as big as Africa, you’re creative, inspirational and have more integrity than anyone else I know. You’ve proved to yourself before now that you can not only pick yourself up out of a tough spot with grace and dignity but that your life can bloom into something better and more fulfilling because of it. So I hope for that here and as horrible as things may be now, it will lead you to find and live your dream.

    I know that Lucy’s going to LOVE Zooey sticking out of the top of her stocking on Christmas morning! 🙂 xxx

  11. XOXO

    I “met” you when you were going through a rough patch a while back. Do you remember? I find you to be so refreshing and honest and real. I just adore you, happy times or hard.

  12. To all my lovely lovely ladies,

    Thank you for both the kindness of your actions and your words here! You should all know, each and every one of you, how very special you are, how much I appreciate your role in making me who I am. Every bit of kindness you show me makes me a better person, and every positive comment you leave makes me want to live up to your expectations and do more. To quote Nat, I am who I am because of you.

    I’ve put off replying to these comments as there was – there is – no way to express my feelings without gushing. I hope I’ve not made any of you vomit…

    Big love to you all xxxx

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