New challenges

So, being the worrier that I am, money is at the forefront of my mind at the moment. Because of this, my plans for the near future involve both a) lots of freelance, largely done in my PJs (cos that’s honestly how I work best!) and b) overtime at Waterstones. So, I’m only likely to be getting dressed in order to put on my Waterstones t-shirt/shirt… which might be the source of some little confusion for a blog whose most highly-populated category is “what I am wearing”.

So, for the next few weeks/months/hopefully not years(!) I’m considering slightly altering the subject matter of the blog. I’m thinking of a Bridget Jones stylee opening statement – hours worked at Waterstones, money spent, applications sent, interviews attended (where relevant)… I could, I guess, try to come up with some interesting new stylings for my Waterstones uniform… Maybe. No promises.


8 thoughts on “New challenges

  1. You going to do more craft and Christmas fairs with your fairies and toesles? I’m sure that could net you a fair (pun not intended) bit too. I suppose every bit counts.

    You actually have Waterstones uniforms these days, as opposed to those funny badges on chains we used to have? Awe, shame.

    • Yup, planning a few fairs! Won’t net me a huge amount, but yes, every penny counts right now!

      We have Waterstones shirts, t-shirts, collared t-shirts and fleeces. As shop uniforms go they’re pretty good actually – just plain black with the “W” on the breast pocket, and can wear with jeans, trainers, whatever! I think I might still have my badge-on-a-chain somewhere!!


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