Time is money

And I’m short of both!


  • Spent: £13.95 Soroptimists (I’d already booked it sadly)
  • Applications: 2
  • Potential freelance leads: 1
  • Cookies consumed: pratically an entire batch to myself 😦

I swear, I will reply to your lovely comments soon, it’s just that right now I’m snowed under. Every minute I’m not actually working at work – which is not many as I have a bazillion things to complete before I leave on Friday and at this rate will be staying late Friday night! – I’m trying to fill in application forms or following up on leads and sprucing up my linkedin profile…. I still have all my usual commitments (such as tonight’s relatively costly Soroptimists meal – ouch!) which puts a strain on my time. And the sort of jobs I’m going for are not the sort for which you can just send out a CV and cover letter – they are full application forms with “2 sides of A4” supporting statements explaining exactly how you fit the person spec AND a written test, be it copy writing, copy-editing or sample blogging before you even get through the door. Hence my elation at having actually completed two whole applications today, despite having managed to complete one of my major “to-do” tasks simultaneously AND left for Soroptimists 20 mins after getting in from work!

So, thank you, please keep on commenting, and I promise we’ll be back to a two-way conversation soon(ish)! 😀


4 thoughts on “Time is money

  1. Perfectly understandable that you don’t have much time right now.
    And two aplications with so much involved looks like a great job to me.

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