Spent: Too much! £11 meal at Strada, approx £25 night out.
Applications: 0
Freelance leads: 1
Appeal hearings: 1


Quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots!

Yesterday was our last day at LCP, and it was rather sad. Our colleagues had clubbed together to buy us a lovely bunch of flowers, the boys came in so we could go for lunch/drinks after work… and I had my appeal hearing! It was kinda scary, but I was so elated and proud of myself when I got through it without crying! I stood up for myself! Go me!

Thanks should be given at this point to my own personal twitter army who were right behind me, as Lauren put it, with pitchforks and flaming torches! 😀


Spent: £5.60 bus fare, £27.90 monthly store cupboard shop
Hours worked at Waterstones: 5
Number of pumpkin curries simmering in my oven: 1!


So, now you’ve seen my uniform! Pretty ain’t it?! 😀 I was very happy to be asked to stay late today, and to cover three full days next week. Another great day, though am hoping that the staff training and the full weekday shifts will mean that by next weekend I’m not panicking every time someone asks for a refund, an exchange or to pay with a gift card! It’s just about practice and habit, but only working weekends leaves slightly too long a gap in between.


5 thoughts on “Gone!

  1. I’ve said it before….. you look great in jeans!!! Look at those legs, amazing! You make your uniform work!!

    I love the colour combinations in the dress & the paisly pattern. I’m thinking that’s the sort of thing I’d want to do for my “one day I’ll do it” sewing project. Lovely!

    • Aw, thanks Deborah-lee!

      I got the dress off ebay, but I’m pretty sure it was homemade. I say go for it! Technically it breaks all the rules though – blue, black, brown AND green all in one outfit!

  2. We were indeed behind you with pitchforks and flaming torches! Huge congrats for not crying too, I know this is something of an achievement for you and I don’t know how you managed it, I would’ve been in floods – so go you!

    Loving your Buffy quoted boots too, they are indeed stylish and affordably – I’ve never been able to carry off a cowboy boot yet, I always manage to look like a farmhand or an extra!

    A x

    • Thanks honey. I was very proud of myself!

      I got my cards from Vistaprint, but I think they only came out so well because of the beautiful avatar MiSketch did for me. 😀 xx

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