Wishlist coats

Every autumn I spend days – no, weeks actually – browsing the high street trying on coats. And every autumn I fall madly in love with at least one. This year it’s this one:


Longline shawl collar coat: £150 £120 from Laura Ashley

The collar, the buttons, the asymmetry… it’s beautiful. When, way back in September, I mentioned this coat to Sarah Sunflower, she told me I should definitely buy it. (Bear in mind I still had a job at this point!) I said I couldn’t buy it – I already have a red coat (which I noticed today is looking decidedly tatty 😦 ), a green coat, a black longline jacket and the grey full-length coat with faux fur collar I got to wear over platformed knee boots and mini dresses at the height of the Spice Girls’ fame! (Which, oddly, looks decidedly less tatty than my red one.) Sarah’s response was to point out that I didn’t own a purple one. Which is very true!

For the record, this coat is coming a close second:

coat red

Farrah fitted coat: £180 from Coast

And if I could find out where the lovely, royal blue, princess-line coat with peter pan collar I’ve seen three girls sporting this week comes from, I’d be adding that one too!

Following Fi’s comment on here I nipped over to the Dunnes website (never heard of Dunnes before – they don’t have stores anywhere I’ve lived!) and found another one!

Dunnes Coat

Double layer coat: €50 from Dunnes


10 thoughts on “Wishlist coats

    • Don’t! Tried the red 14 and the 18 in House of Fraser last Saturday – 14 was too small, 18 too big – no 16 in sight. I SO nearly got off the bus a stop or two early in Oxford today to try the 16 on – told myself if the bus stop was nearby I was getting off and going straight in… then asked myself why I was torturing myself and stayed on the bus!

  1. This post makes my day. I knew there was something I just loved about you. 😉 You are a girl after my own heart. Although I have 4 coats at the cleaners right now, (green, camel, black, and red) I purchased a new purple coat for myself just yesterday! It’s not as BEAUTIFUL as the one you posted, but fortunately, it was only $35 after a half off sale + 30% off coupon! http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=5448&vid=1&pid=675618&scid=675618022

    I guess I’ll make do with that one since your beautiful Laura Ashley coat is not available in the US.

    I sure hope you land one of the jobs you’ve been interviewing for. You “NEED” a purple coat. (and an iPhone) 😉

    • Hehehe! Am such an autumn-winter type – coats, boots, hats and gloves! I have more coats in fact, but just the 4 with me in Leamington. Definitely crossing my fingers for the jobs! Gt another interview next wednesday…

      Your coat is lovely – gorgeous vibrant shade of purple!

  2. I don’t know if they have any Dunnes stores here in England, but it’s like the Irish BHS, almost. Or Marks and Spencers, but not as posh. Their clothes have been getting much better in recent years, I think, but when I was a child I hated getting clothes from there!

    Lilac Rose on Regent Street have a really lovely bright blue swing coat by Darling in their window at the moment. Although I have bought my winter coat for this year I couldn’t resist trying it on – it is so pretty, and there is something about having a lovely bright coat to put on when it is so dull outside, it makes winter that bit more bearable. The Laura Ashley coat is a winner – I’m so pleased with the lovely purple coat I got this year that I think everyone should own one!

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