Sloe Gin

Remember way back over August bank holiday I picked these:

And promised to make sloe gin with them? Well, one evening in September, after much finger pricking and juice squirting I made this:

And put it in the cupboard under the sink, turning and shaking everyday for a week and a couple of times weekly afterwards. Until I suddenly decided tonight that it was frosty cold outside and distinctly wintery, and about time I warmed myself with a class of delicious homemade sloe gin…

Isn’t it a lovely pretty colour! It’s VERY tasty too!


14 thoughts on “Sloe Gin

  1. How long did you leave yours for? I generally recommend not drinking before 6 months (although I taste occasionally to check sugar levels) as you tend to get a smoother flavour the longer you leave it. LOVE the bottles though – where did you get them from? xx

    • It has been three months – gin seldom lasts longer than that in my house! šŸ˜‰

      The bottles are simple the bottles Asda premium gin comes in with the labels removed!! I chose them as the perfect combination of 40% cheapish gin and reusable bottles!

  2. Looks delicious! In The Kenilworth bar they have a cocktail called Sloe Gin Fix…I must see if I can get the recipe from somewhere as it was *really* good! Nice to have something warming on such cold nights!

  3. What a gorgeous colour it’s turned out. And your bottles are lovely too – sort of retro looking.

    I have a jar of bramble gin, and a smaller one of bramble whiskey infusing since September. They’re due for straining in a week or two. And then, in theory, we’ll let them mature.

    • Ooooh yummy!!! Yes, it’s always that I’m going to let them mature “in theory” – just never turns out that way in reality!

      There is a second bottle in the cupboard still – maybe that one will get the chance to mature! šŸ˜€

  4. Mmmm! My parents live in Cornwall & so they keep me supplied with Sloe Gin. It’s fabulous stuff. My dad is starting to make his own wines & stuff soon, as well.

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