Good news, everybody!

(And yes, that was a Dr Farnsworth quote…)

Well, readers… My extended silence may almost be over! As of the 4th January 2010 I will be gainfully employed, firmly back in the wonderful world of edu-publishing!

The second second interview last Wednesday went much better than the first, and as a result I have the job that I really wanted with a company I can’t wait to join! Having come out of my first so despondent, I came out of the second positively bouncing – and not wanting to tempt fate by telling everyone that I felt it had gone well, as I wanted the role so very much. I got the call on Thursday offering me the job, and I think I grinned like a wide-mouthed frog for the rest of the day. The customers just didn’t know what to make of me!

I’ll actually be taking a new slant on publishing in my next role. For years now I’ve been firmly entrenched in editorial, but from January I’ll be defecting to the dark side and trying my hand at marketing – digital marketing to be precise! It’s a new challenge for me (exactly what I wanted!) and I’m VERY excited about it!

So, to continue where I left off, last time we spoke I was in an internet cafe writing about the powers that be and their strong inclination against my taking the other role. I hit publish just as my 50 mins ran out, so was unsure whether my post had actually gone live. Clearly it had.

While I was blogging I was also tweeting, and wondering what to do with myself with the remaining two hours I had. Roisin, seeing I had time to kill, suggested I hit some of the secondhand bookshops, which struck me as an excellent plan. Unfortunately, on leaving the cafe I hit a wall of horizontal rain. Seeing no cosy-looking bookshop doors standing invitingly open I went for the next best thing – Primark!

I spent over an hour in Primark. I browsed, I picked things out, I tried things on, I fell in love with a gorgeous high-waisted skirt and a long royal blue cardi. Then I put everything back and left the store without buying so much as a pair of their legendary coloured tights! Even I was surprised by (and more than a little proud of) my willpower!

I’ve tried for years to find a booster to engage the money-wise aspect of my brain and halt my spending. Martin money-saving-expert Lewis’s demotivator, though great in theory, does nothing for me. But standing in Primark considering blowing £30 I really can’t spare on clothes I definitely don’t need, all I had to do was relive that feeling I get at night, lying in bed worrying over where March’s rent is coming from, and I couldn’t possibly contemplate spending! It’s amazing how powerful the memory of a sleepless night can be!

TOMORROW: I promise to write as a) I finish work at 3.30pm (I start at 7am though 😦 ) and b) I’ll be borrowing a space heater, so won’t be typing with numb fingers, wearing fingerless gloves! I had such a lovely weekend and therefore have more loveliness to share. Not to mention a recipe…


26 thoughts on “Good news, everybody!

  1. Oh Caroline!~ That is wonderful news!~

    I went to Forever XXI this weekend, tried on dozens of things, and came up with a reason to walk away from each one.

    *pats us on our little backs*

    • Woooo! Well done us!

      RE your other comment – which is very sweet of you!! – I can’t remember whether I put my full address on your parcel, but you’ve definitely sent me etsy jewellery – my bird necklace – at my current address. Does that help any?

  2. Hurrah! That is brilliant news, well done indeed! Sorry you didn’t make it to some of those bookshops, but it looks like you’ll have time to in the new year. We’ll definitely have to make it out for that (celebratory) gin sometime soon! x

  3. Oh that’s wonderful news Cie! Many congratulations, and I’m so pleased that’s it the position you really wanted – and a new challenge too, which is always welcome. It seems that being made redundant was actually a blessing in disguise!

    I have no such willpower when it comes to clothes. I popped out yesterday with the ostensible purpse of finishing my Christmas shopping, and instead came home with 2 new tops and a dress for me. I hang my head in shame! Oh, and I don’t suppose the high-waisted skirt you fell for is grey with a band of royal blue at the bottom? If it is – I (again, for shame) have it!

    Huge yey for you!
    A x

  4. Yaaaaaaay!!! Is this one in Oxford too? We can be train buddies! I’m *so* pleased for you 🙂 Your Primark willpower is very impressive too. I did the same thing last week but did buy some funy tights (too tired to face the stairs to find baby socks). But I tried on the grey skirt with the blue band too!

  5. congratulations Caroline! thoroughly deserved. This sounds like an excellent opportunity for you, with a really great company.

    I hear you were offered the Pearson post as well, so more power to your elbow! I’d love to hear all about your job and to meet up for lunch when you are in Oxford.

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