A Trip to Wells

You’ll remember me saying a few weeks ago that I was a bit of a scrooge when it came to heating, refusing to switch it on until the first frosts. Well, that resolve actually faltered a couple of weeks back, at which point I turned on my hideous old economy 7 storage heaters only to discover that they don’t work. I’ve been chasing after getting them fixed ever since, but being neither eldery or a child, am not currently even low down the priority list.

Today, jack frost well and truly arrived, leaving the puddles frozen, the ground sparkling and me extremely pleased I’d worn my least slippery shoes to walk to the bus stop at 5.45am. Luckily, my very kind and generous manager had predicted the temperature drop, changed my shift to an early to match hers in order that she could give me a lift home and loan me a couple of space heaters to take the chill off my flat!

Which is how I come to be home now, and with fingers thawed enough to tell you all about my weekend!

Friday began much as today did – out of bed at five, on the bus at six, starting work at seven… (Have I told you how much I HATE mornings??!) This enabled me to get home for 4.30 and to the station in time for the 5.38 train to Oxford with Lauren, where Sarah‘s sister Lucy was awaiting us. She kindly drove us down to Wells (near Bristol) where Sarah herself awaited with Chinese takeaway, dogs and a toasty warm fire!

After an evening of gossip and food, we all got up slowly and lazily on Saturday to tea, toast and nutella, followed by a trip to the local market. Wells is such a beautiful place, and having a cathedral, is one of the smallest cities in the UK – second to St Davids I’m told!

The market was a great mishmash of typical market stalls and farmer’s market produce, with a few crafts thrown in for good measure. One stall was proudly displaying a fabulous choice of delicious looking squash:

one of which I happily bought to bring home for tea on Sunday!

After a bit of mooching we met up with some more of Sarah’s friends, consumed frankly enormous farmer’s sausage sandwiches, and wandered up to In Harmony for an afternoon of pampering.

The salon had put on a lovely spread of nibbles, chocolates, wine and orange juice, and we each enjoyed 2-3 treatements for the bargain price of £25. I had a back massage so delightful that I actually fell asleep, followed by a much-needed eyelash tint. I think everyone came away feeling pretty happy and relaxed!

Then it was back to Sarah’s – via the cupcake stall – for more pots of tea in Sarah’s birthday crockery, before we went our separate ways to get ready for the evening’s events.

These consisted of a delicious meal at The Piano Bar  – in my case yummy garlic mushrooms, the most meltingly amazing fillet beef wellington and raspberry bread and butter pudding. We were serenaded, unsurprisingly, by a pianist, yes, but also by a drummer, a double bassist and a singer covering swing classics. After a second bottle of wine our limbs were well-oiled, and Emily and I got up for a boogie! All in all a lovely time was had by all!

Which only leaves me to wish Sarah a very happy unbirthday once again – and a happy real 30th for next month! xx


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Wells

  1. I use space heaters and warmer blankets because I am too cheap to pay for central heat. 😀

    But you can get a REALLY good ceremic heater here for $35. Are they really expensive over there? When ours die (after 2-3 years hard use) we simply replace them. Are we crazy?

    • I could probably get one reasonably cheaply, but to be honest, the loaners will do me for now. I don’t think you’re crazy at all – blankets are definitely the cheapskate’s way forward. I’m tucked up under two as I type this! 😀

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