Getting in the spirit…

Having only two remaining days off before Christmas, I have used today to get as much as possible in order. This has meant some last minute shopping (only 3 gifts left to buy – get that list to me Ben!), buying a live Christmas tree (if you’re local and have a garden in which you’d like to plant a pine tree in the new year do let me know – free to a good home!) and making up gift jars. This afternoon was spent doing the big wrap-up in front of my annual viewing of Lord of the Rings (I still don’t know why this film has become such a Christmas staple for me!), followed by mulled wine, mince pies, tree-decorating and White Christmas with Kate. Still have “A Muppet Christmas Carol” to watch, but am spending tomorrow afternoon doing the shopping and gluhwein thing in Birmingham with my Mum, so will likely watch that one when I get in!

So much of Lord of the Rings chokes me up year after year – Rohan’s answer to Gondor’s call for help (the beacons are lit!); Theoden’s call to arms (A sore day… a red day… Ere the sun rises!)… but the character that inspires the most respect and empathy in me has to be Eowyn, daughter of Rohan (played by Miranda Otto). She’s strong, independent, determined to fight and undeniably “woman”. Also, intelligent and beautiful. And we strawberry blonds, we have to stick together!


2 thoughts on “Getting in the spirit…

  1. I also love Eowyn.I think she has a lot of personality.I think I’m partial to the girl that it’s not loved back(sight)

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