wrapped up

I was on a late shift today, starting at 10.30 so that I could work the late-night shopping hours. I rather like this shift, as I get to see daylight before work rather than starting and finishing in the dark. Unusually, we were busy right up to close, and when I came out the Stratford Christmas market was in full swing, people bustling about the crowded streets wrapped up against the icy cold and laden down with bags full of shopping. It felt incredibly festive!

I’ve had a festive few days really. I was off Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and used the opportunity to get ahead. Tuesday was spent doing Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts in front of Lord of the Rings, then decorating my tree with Kate in front of White Christmas and over mulled punch and mince pies. Wednesday I met my Mum in Birmingham for some Christmas shopping and gluhwein, then came home and got started on my Sew Make Believe secret santa gift!

I’m quite excited about the SMB gift. We all brought some scraps of fabric and embellishments to our last meeting, dumped them in the middle of the table, and pulled a recipient’s name out of the bag. We then made up folders of fabric and materials for one another. This way everyone was forced to be creative with what they’d been given! I was lacking inspiration until I got in yesterday evening, when an idea struck and I got to work… I’m pleased with the outcome, but can’t share until after out Christmas party on the 17th, for obvious reasons!

So, instead I leave you with pictures of the chilli jam I cooked up this week. I have some more gifts to share with you at a later date – i.e. after they have been delivered – but for now these will have to suffice!


One thought on “wrapped up

  1. Hi Caroline
    I’m really pleased things are going well for you x
    Look forward to seeing what you have made….is the chilli jam Nigella’s?
    I have made some – you have reminded me I need to tart it up to make a lovely gift for my dad!!!

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