23rd December quickie

On the bus, 9.44am:

There’s still snow on the ground – Leamington is completely frozen over. In my two pairs of tights, socks and boots I’ve lost the feeling in my toes.

Yet there’s a girl on my bus wearing denim hot pants that don’t actually hold both cheeks and stilettos. WITHOUT tights. And a hoody with the hood up, presumably for that extra warmth she’s missing…

I’m trying hard not to be judgmental, but can’t help jumping to certain conclusions…


4 thoughts on “23rd December quickie

  1. That she’s from Newcastle? (Sorry, couldn’t resist. Still have memories of 3 ft snow and girl wearing something similar. Upon sandal and foot meeting said snow, she looked a bit surprised and said ‘eee, it’s a bit nippy tonight’)

  2. I saw something similar last year. My friends and I got the soaking of our lives when we went to the Bonfire Night fireworks at Kenilworth castle. It only rained a bit during the display but poured immediately afterwards and it took well over an hour to get out of the field and another 45 minutes or so to get the bus. Soaking wet, we went home via Tesco on the Parade to get the ingredients for hot toddies. We came out of the back door and saw a girl standing outside KoKo’s wearing hotpants and a bra, and holding a teeny cardigan over her head. She looked at me in my wellies, tights, duffel coat, gloves, hat and scarf like I was an alien. Did I mention it was raining so hard that my wellies filled up with water? And she was wearing hotpants?!

    I texted Sugar Plum about it, and I feel the need to quote her here:
    “What can I say? Slags must have really, really well insulated skin”

  3. I think that this style must be catching – last weekend I saw something similar when a girl was wearing hotpants with floral tights with white socks over the tights and open-toed shoe-boots! Though come to think of it, at least she’d attempted to layer up, no matter how bizarrely!

    Sorry to hear you’re all exhausted and a bit miserable my lovely – I have been twitter-lite, so missed the ball a bit lately. Feel better and have a well-deserved break over Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful one lovely Cie,

    Much love,
    A x

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