An apology (continued)


It’s a long while since I wrote one of my “little irks” posts, but on my way to the bus stop this morning I was irritated. As I approached the crossroads under the railway bridges I could see a man watching the lights change red to green and back again, repeatedly trying to step out into the road only to have to jump back to avoid on-coming traffic. I could also see quite clearly that he hadn’t bothered to push the button for the pedestrian crossing.

THAT annoys me. People who stand directly in front of the button but don’t push it, even though the lights won’t change if they don’t. People who think if they stand roadside and wait for “big brother” to tell them they can cross they’re somehow a loser People who hold me up when I’m already late for the bus!

In the event I just swerved a little off route to push the button on the other cross of the crossroads, and as if by magic, by the time I arrived where I needed to cross, the green man was shining away quite happily. And I didn’t even have to break my stride!


Despite what the Christmas cards suggest, snow before Christmas is relatively rare in England. Snow in February, even March, is quite common, but in the run up to Christmas we usually have to settle for grey skies and a whole lot of rain. Therefore this week’s weather has provided a pleasant interlude, and the blue skies of the last couple of days in particular have been a joy!

Of course, every good thing has it’s negatives, and ice and I have long been enemies. So, I’ve been getting up nice and early, pulling on my pink wellies and giving myself plenty of time to slip ‘n’ slide my way to the bus stop. In fact, I gave myself so much time this morning that I found I’d arrived more than 25 minutes early! So, I went for a stroll in the park and took a couple of snaps of the stunning scenery for you! Enjoy!


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