Fings wot I made…

… You  know, for Christmas ‘n’ stuff!

Cookie jars for family baking sessions:

Idea borrowed from Bakerella

Chilli jam with ginger and orange – for various foodie types:

Recipe from Channel 4, but with my own alterations

Pencil Roll for Nat:

SMB secret santa gift for Nadia:

Mince pies for the SMB Christmas party!


2 thoughts on “Fings wot I made…

  1. Thank you for the Chilli Jam. It’s fantastic with home baked ham! I had the last of the Christmas ham yesterday in sandwiches for lunch and spread chilli jam on for that extra little zip.
    The pencil roll you made for Nat looks brilliant and you’re mince pies are looking too good – I’ll be out of business soon! xxx

  2. Hi Caroline!

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I completely understand what you mean about being a spectator in your own life. When I left Zimbabwe (in quite dramatic circumstances) and moved to New Zealand, I felt like I had stepped outside myself and was being carried along by events rather than controlling them. Took a couple of years to come right!

    Happy New Year,

    Andrea xx

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