I’m usually a very organised person. I know where I am and what day I’m on, my diary keeps me on top of where I’m supposed to be and when and with whom. I never miss deadlines. But this last couple of months I’ve completely lost track of my life. Deadlines have slipped by without my having had a minute to complete my assignments. And I don’t know what day of the week I’m on. Honestly, the number of times over the last three days I’ve asked Ben or Mummy what day it is… it’s frankly been ridiculous.

So, the fact that today was Monday COMPLETELY passed me by. I was certain, in fact, that it was Tuesday (and also that the 29th was a Thursday, which makes no sense whatsoever…) So, with today being a Tuesday as far as I was concerned, you can understand why the fact it was bank holiday never crossed my mind!

I got to the bus stop at 7.15am to be greeted by a big, glowing sign:

Sunday Services in Operation

I walked around the corner to the next stop where there is a timetable to find the first bus was due at 9.19am, not ideal when you’re due on shop floor at nine, even less so when your bus takes an hour to even reach destination!

So, off I trundled, back home across black ice. I got in about 8am, put the kettle on while my computer booted up, figuring I’d get an hour of freelance in before I left again. And I thought I might as well just check the trains, y’know, just in case…

See, I know that the first train to Stratford on a Sunday goes around midday, the first on Saturday at around 9am. Yet, some little niggle told me that just because the buses were running Sunday Services didn’t mean Chiltern Railways were.

By the time The Trainline loaded up it was 8.07am. The station is 15 mins walk from mine when there ISN’T sheet ice on the ground. And up pops the first train at 8.30am…

I made it! And it meant that I was only 12 minutes late for work rather than an hour and 20! A definite improvement…


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