On Tuesday night, when I was supposed to be working hard on my freelance, Andrea at A Cat of Impossible Colour wrote a blog post about her reflections on 2009. She finished the post by asking her readers what one word they would like to sum up 2010 – a sort of an alternative resolution for the verbose amongst us.

I’d like to make my word “present”. I feel that for the last two years of my life I’ve been a spectator. I’ve left everything to fate, let things happen in a way I’d never have done in the past – I think I went through such upheaval at the end of 2007 that to step outside my own life was the only way I could cope. This new year I’d really like to claim it back, to feel a part of myself again. I’d like to be “present” once more in my own story.

Happy new year everyone! What’s your word for 2010?


5 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. My word is victorious…I am embarking on the adventure of my life, one that is will be all about taking care of myself and making sure that I am doing what is best for me regardless of what others make think is the right choice. For the first time in my life, I have to focus on myself and that is a little scary since I am a caregiver by nature. So victorious over my fears, my cancer and finally learning to live life right now, not worrying about the future!
    Happy New Year!!

    • I am sure victorious will be your word. I’ve said it before and will do so again, you’re an inspiration. And I know that the blogosphere will be behind you, thinking of you and sending out healing vibes all the way. xx

  2. My word for 2010 is organised. I am known by friends and ex-colleagues as being a very organised and in control type of a person but 2009 seemed to be one missed opportunity, forgotten task or double booking after another. I want to reclaim my diary, reclaim my life, use my time more constructively so that I can enjoy all the interests I have without having to feel guilty for checking out of my responsibilities.

    Happy new year, sweet and see you tomorrow! xx

  3. My word is ‘Contact’. This year I am determined to contact and stay connected to old and new friends. I began by leaving a plant and note on my friend Bronwen’s door step on New Years Day – Shame she was out!xxx

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