Proudly Gleeky

Hurrah! My Waterstones temping has drawn to a close (though my Sunday shift continues) and I begin my brand new job in Oxford on Monday. I’m currently enjoying the long weekend – three ENTIRE days with no freelance, no chores, no reason to leave the flat except to shop – it’s heaven!

And what better way to start the new year than with a return to the outfit shots for which this blog became popular? Today’s outfit is an homage to Rachel on my current obsession, Glee, whose signature form-fitting tops and full mini dirndls somehow make her look (in the words of Kurt) like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time. I’ve replaced bare legs and knee socks with tights and knee boots though, because, let’s face it, it’s far too cold out for corned-beef legs!

This return to form is possible courtesy of Mikey, who, on new years day, said I could hold onto his camera as he now uses his iphone instead. Hooray for Mikey – and indeed for all the pink penguins, who made new years eve decidedly fun for me:

We hadn’t quite got the hang of Auld Lang Syne…

And finally, I have to make a confession. Remember back in November I wrote a coat wishlist? Well, having finally been paid, and finding that elusive size 14 in the Stafford Laura Ashley, I may have invested in the purple number, all smart and ready for my new job. Because my others are all looking decidedly shabby now…

It’s mine – alllllll mine!


9 thoughts on “Proudly Gleeky

  1. I love your skirt and am so glad you got the coat you wanted! And hey, you should take a good look at that photo and reconsider the comment you made about yourself in the post about that red dress from Coast. It simply wasn’t true, even a stranger can see that.

    Oh, and I’m glad it wasn’t a complete stranger I was smiling at on the parade earlier – we should get together soon. I’ll wear my glasses so I can see it’s you, and I’ll wear something very brightly coloured so you’ll definitely know it’s me!

    • You know how it is – everyone has wibbles. I’m working on it! 😀

      We will get together soon – I’m going to be back to the 9-5 now, so weekends will be easier for me. Will email you. xx

      • I sound as if I’m hitting on you, sorry about that! We all do have wibbles and January seems to be the prime time for them – it’s why magazines with diet tips make so much money I suppose! Good luck with the new job tomorrow and don’t stress about getting in touch, I’m sure we’ll meet properly at some point in the future! x

  2. Hello lovely Cie!

    Just wanted to pop by and thank you muchly for your glorious card – you know me so well with the design of it – and to wish you huge amounts of luck for starting your new job tomorrow! It’ll go as smooth as a very smooth thing I’m sure of it.

    Oooh, am uber-glad you like your gifts and you must absolutely listen to what the book tells you! Will write properly soon, but just wanted to let you know that all is well again – Christmas salved all ills 🙂 – and I’m back in tweeting mode too!

    Much love and luck sweet,
    A x

  3. Jealous of that beautiful coat! Have you posted a photo of you wearing it yet? I am playing catch up with my Google reader. 😉

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