Wishlist: sale dress

See this dress? Doesn’t look much does it? I mean, it’s pretty and all, but nothing special. And I know you’re thinking it’s definitely not the right shape dress for an English pear like me.

So I don’t know what it was that made me try it on…*In fact, I didn’t even get fully undressed to try it on, so sure was I that it would cling to my every bump and look utterly hideous. But once I was half into I realised that this dress was cut as thought it was tailored for me. It fit on my waist, hugged my hips in a vampish Sophia Loren or Marilyn Monroe kinda way, and flattered over my rear. It looked pretty darned amazing!

But, while every other dress on the rails was on second mark down, this dress was only £65 off – leaving it at a far too costly £95 to ever justify. If it had been £39 or even £45 like most of its sisters I might have seriously considered splashing out, but frankly it was beyond my means. And I’ve lived beyond my means in the past – it’s definitely not worth it!

So, if you’re a curvy size 14 who looks great in red and has a spare £95 lying around, I suggest you get to House of Fraser in Leamington Spa as soon as possible and grab the last Missy dress on the Coast concession rails. And when you wear it, think of me – for I shall be living vicariously through you!


*Actually, that’s a lie, I do know, I just don’t want to admit it – but I guess if I’m going to face my demons anywhere this is the place to do so…. It was emotional shopping, a desire to stop feeling so bland and being a bit invisible. It was the jibing voice of a really nasty little green monster that I’ve been working hard yet failing to shake off lately. It was the inner monologue that tells me I’m a bit worthless because I’m a bit fat and plain and boring. It was new years blues, and a general sense of ugliness. It was, to be frank, all a bit ridiculous, but we all have ridiculous moments, right? So please don’t judge me!


3 thoughts on “Wishlist: sale dress

  1. Like the dress – don’t like the things you write about yourself.
    You are far from plain, never bland and certainly not invisible! In fact you always stand out in the crowd and althought it’s fair to say I’m rather biased, you are uniquely beautiful both inside and out.

    Oh, and before you go running yourself down again remember how everyone says we look so alike!xxx

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