First day…

This is what I wanted to wear today. The cute little twinset cardi and t-bars were my nod to the WWEPW theme (it’s sadly gotta be dark colours until I get some brights in!) and I had tried and failed to create a cardigan clasp from an old bracelet… Unfortunately, the current climate in the UK isn’t particularly suited to neutral legs, and not desiring to lose any toes to frostbite I ended up swapping my heels for knee boots, as seen in picture 2. Still, I think I looked kinda elegant, quirky without being scary, and I definitely had the coat and beret combination down pat!

My day got off to a good start, with the receptionist remembering me from interview and saying how pleased she was she’d be seeing me and “my lovely hair” every morning. The office itself is warm – which is hugely important to me, and impressive in the current weather! – and the marketing team have been really welcoming and seem genuinely lovely. I’m also lucky enough to have a corner desk between two fabulous wide windows, and the upper levels offer fantastic views of the Oxford skyline. It’s a bit difficult to say how the job is yet, seeing as I’m only in day one of my two week induction programme, but the role sounds very exciting, with lots of opportunities to expand  my experience and no chance of stagnating. In the words of little orphan Annie, I think I’m gonna like it here!

My only concern prior to today was the location – being outside the city centre I was worried I’d struggle to get through the standard chores I tend to tackle in my lunch hour. So imagine my joy when, at lunch time, I was taken to the local shopping centre just five minutes walk away, featuring a decent sized Co-op, an independent greengrocer’s, a post office, a Barclays bank, a few women’s clothing shops, two well-stocked charity shops, a Boots and a Smiths! And the retail park opposite? Boasts a T K Maxx and a Matalan!

I may have splashed out on an EP inspired polka dot cardi for £2.80… (eep!)

I KNOW I’m gonna like it here!


6 thoughts on “First day…

  1. Perfect outfit for the first day. And I’m so glad that you’re back in business! (er…let’s pretend I meant for that to be a pun :-P)

  2. Oh huge yeys for your first day! It sounds like it went rather well and I’m loving your new clothing inspiration – I can’t carry pastels off myself but I need to veer away from darks at some point if it kills me – may venture on a shopping trip tomorrow if I’m not snowed it!

    Congrats again lovely,
    A x

    • Today went well too – especially mid afternoon when the girls decided to stave off hunger pangs by handing round slices of cheese!! These are my kinda gals!

      I can’t carry pastels as such, but these kinda pastel brights – coral, turquoise etc – quite suit me. Sadly I don’t own many, and am fast discovering that those I do own aren’t really snow appropriate!

      Shopping trip def in order I feel!


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