So, it’s a new year, I’m starting a new job… I figured it was time to take on some new influences in the wardrobe department. Over recent years I’ve taken inspiration from vintage, with a real emphasis on 40s styling. This year I wanted to take a different route, find a new tack to follow.

Saturday’s outfit was inspired by Rachel from Glee, and a on a couple of occasions during my Waterstones adventure I imitated Quinn’s pretty plaits to add a personal touch to the uniform. But the best dressed cast member by far, the girl whose entire wardrobe I would frankly kill for, has to be Emma Pillsbury. She’s a sartorial genius with an enviable array of shoes, coats and necklaces, the only girl I’ve ever seen mix corals and look amazing in them, and a redhead to boot! The fact that I think Jayma Mays bears more than a passing resemblance to Amber of Forever Amber just adds to her appeal – since I see Amber as a friend as well as a fashion maven, I can’t help but warm to Emma as a character and a style icon.

So, when I found the wonderfully titled blog What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? (WWEPW) I got quite excited! And quite inspired it has to be said…

To channel Emma’s look I’m going to have to start embracing some fabulous pastel brights. I love emerald, coral and turquoise, but am now wondering whether there is in fact a shade of yellow I can get away with… having fair skin I always felt it would drain me, but maybe I’m wrong. My necklaces are going to have to come out of retirement and my brooches will doubtless continue to enjoy regular airings. And I’m going to need a few more fine knits cardigans and sweaters – Emma works the prissy-but-cute twinset look like few others can – and maybe a cardigan clasp or two…

Cute as they are, ebay doesn’t have much to offer on the clasp front right now, so I think I might start by finding a few cute cardigans to throw over my existing dresses. And possibly finding a few colourful pencil skirts to counteract my wardrobe of black, black, grey, navy and black!

Meanwhile, this is the look I will be rocking this week – my new purple coat and my black beret. I might even add a brooch to the beret as a nod to Emma’s style!


12 thoughts on “Newbie

  1. You’re the second person recently to tell me I look like her, and I’m hugely flattered! I haven’t watched Glee, but can tell by the photos that I’d love the fashion, so I’ll have to add it to my “to watch” list.

    Good luck with the first day – looking forward to hearing about it!

    • The really funny thing is that I refused to acknowledge she looked like you UNTIL she was Emma – because Charlie in Ugly Betty wasn’t very nice, and Charlie from Heroes, well, got killed pretty fast! But now she’s playing a character I like I’m happy to admit the resemblance!

      And thanks – it’s going well so far!

  2. She looks JUST LIKE Amber – I totally agree! Both gorgeous, willowy redheads with better skin and hair than I could ever hope to have.

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