Steak ‘n’ chips

One of my favourites – and a bit of a treat usually!

This was made extra special as I had a little herb butter left from the pink penguin dinner party, which I used to cook a few croutons (about half the crust of a loaf, torn into chunks) in my skillet. Having set these aside on kitchen towel to drain and crisp, I cooked my rump steak in the skillet with the remaining herbs and butter.

Meanwhile, a small baking potato cut into wide rectangles, sprayed with sunflower oil and well seasoned made chunky chips in the oven. I served the lot with plenty of peppery rocket – the perfect accompaniment to steak!

I only finished half the steak (the rest will go in a sandwich or wrap with a bit of mayonnaise and more rocket) and left several chips, but I highly recommend herb butter for cooking steak!


4 thoughts on “Steak ‘n’ chips

  1. yum! That picture really does make me hungry!!
    Glad your 1st day in the new job went well….
    I have had a bloggy break but now feeling back on track..feel the need for some new 2010 challenges myself I think!!
    Thank You for thinking of me at Christmas, your thoughtfulness despite how busy you were puts me to shame!! x

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