White stuff

With and without cardigan…
not that it came off for more than 10 mins all day!

As I start this blog post I’m a little on the cold side. I’m at my new desk in my fingerless gloves – which seems a bit of an office trend here – enjoying a break from inductiony stuff while I greedily wolf down my brown rice salad and check my personal emails. Outside it is -3, the sky is clear and blue, but thanks to the spectacular views the block affords, I can see low heavy clouds in the distance…

According to friends on facebook (and a text from Elena) the rest of the country is wallowing in inches of the white stuff. In Leamington it’s coming down quite heavily, I’m told, and while Birmingham was clear half an hour ago according to one source (hi Nat!), others are suggesting otherwise… And I’m just a little nervous about getting home this evening.

LATER: Well, I’m home ok, and the snow is definitely falling, both in Leamington and in Oxford! I think the thing I like most about snow is the silent way it falls, the quiet sneakiness of its attack, and the way it muffles all sounds – even buses seem to crawl silently along when it’s snowing! When I was a child I thought it was magical, the way you’d just wake up in the morning to find everything wiped clean. And that’s what I miss about being little, now I’m an adult and living in a flat – the lack of a blank canvas outside my window.

In the spirit of blank canvases, on my way home tonight I spotted a rectangle of untouched white at the roadside. I couldn’t bear to walk on by, so despite the freezing flakes whipping about my face I slowed down to make pretty footprint patterns. I left behind a smiley face and my initials, bordered by zigzags!

Meanwhile, onto today’s outfit – while again with the dark colours – did have a hint of the EP about it thanks to my clever manipulation of a bracelet and brooch!

This time I was happy with the result!


5 thoughts on “White stuff

  1. You always leave nice comments when I wear this dress! Sad to say it was £1.99 from a Geordie charity shop many years back – think it’s Bon Marche or something similarly cheapy! xx

  2. Ok, seriously loving the cardie clasp! May have to dig out some of my brooches and have a play myself, I am after all the cardigan queen! Oooh, I have a gorgeous carousel one that’s simply screaming to be used 🙂

    A x

    Oh and a snow update for South Wales? It’s like Bedford Falls here 🙂

    • Definitely have a play! This took a couple of goes, and I’d like one with pearls or beads – ooh, and her owl clips are by far my favourite! Carousel sounds seriously fun!


  3. I love the outfit (the tights in particular)! So glad to hear that the new job is going so well, and what better welcome to Oxford than snow (said safely from a snug office in Leamington 🙂 ) My view is SO pretty! Hopefully see you tonight… (can we have a tutorial on the cardi clasp???)

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