Snow day!

This is what I wore for work today. Of course, like much of the UK, I didn’t quite make it to work. I got to the station to find that the trains were delayed, and eventually I got to Oxford to find the usually busy apron at the front of the station was devoid of buses – and thin on people too! I realised why when one girl stepped off the pavement and the snow spilled into her wellies. I should point out, it’s not yet that heavy in Oxford, but the buses that had ploughed their way through had clearly pushed drifts to the side.

I called the office to say that I was running rather late, what with trains being canceled all over, only to be told that the office had been closed up and I should get on the next train back to Le Spa… which would have been easy if the Manchester trains weren’t all running between 30 mins and an hour late! Luckily, the Newcastle service was running on time. Must be that hardy Geordie influence – a bit of snow doesn’t stop ’em in the north east!

Bright red berries shelter under leaves from the snow; my home – my castle!

I got back home about 10.30am – 3.5 hours after I first left! The snow was (and is) still falling, and I was craving some snow fun! As I walked back from the station I was called to by a couple of young lads – brothers I’d guess – who had made the body of a snowman already. It was practically as tall as the younger of the two and had rolled into the gutter where they were struggling to push it back onto the pavement and toward the green. I helped them get it rolling again, and the older brother and I set it where they wanted it while the younger started on a head… so, I got to help build a snowman after all!


Obi belt, made by Nadia for my SMB secret santa gift
– the coral colour and the bow nod towards today’s EP inspiration

“Wears creepy brooches like the kind my Nana was buried in.”
– Sue Sylvester describes Emma Pillsbury to Terri


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