Waiting in…

Lauren and I had plans today. We were going to shop a little – for socks, specifically, as Lauren was running short – and then going to the park to burn off some calories in the snow. We had high hopes of soaking up the reflected sun while throwing around snowballs, possibly attempting to build a snowman, if the snow was a little firmer than when Simon and I tried on Thursday…

But then I woke up shivering and decided I couldn’t go without heating any longer. After a few misdirections I finally spoke to someone at the electricity company who was able to book me an emergency appointment… as long as I could guarantee to stay home until 11pm. During which time they would endeavour, but couldn’t guarantee, to get someone out to see me…

I managed to negotiate that the very helpful and polite customer service lady would get one of her very helpful and polite colleagues to put me on the system at the end of her shift, 3pm, so that I could get the shopping part of the day in at least, and only have to be in from 3pm onwards. We had to forgo fun in the snow, though we are forecast heavy showers tomorrow, so it might be more of a postponement than a cancellation…

Fingers crossed the electricty fella shows!


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