Feeling guilty

I was supposed to be in Stratford today, at Watersones, selling books to those brave enough to brave the snow. I got up at 8am, left at 8.45 to give myself half an hour to slip and slide the usual 10 mins to the bus stop, broke my £10 note so I’d have “exact fare” and got to the stop itself to find… no-one. And a service announcement about severe disruption. I called Traveline who informed me my bus was running, though they couldn’t guarantee on time, but that if it carried on snowing as it was they might have to cancel the non-main-road and out-of-town services by mid afternoon, meaning I might not get home again. I made a judgment call – hence the guilt!

So, what better way to deal with guilt than to go sledging in the snow?? It continued snowing all morning, and Leamington town centre in the distance looked like a Lowry.

It was so lovely to see so many kids out and about in the snow rather than glued to their boxes.

I plan to spend the remainder of the day tucked up on the sofa, finally watching Dollhouse, basking in the glow of actually having heaters that work!! I can’t tell you how good that feels!


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