Wrap it up!

So… more snow eh? It’s not so much fun anymore. Particularly when you have to go down to London and trains are getting canceled.I tucked my hair into my beret to keep it dry and ventured out in my knee boots – a girl simply can’t show up for a meeting in wellies!

I did actually get there and back without too much trouble, and had plenty of time to get changed before heading out to the pub to meet Roisin and Lauren for drinks. Only this time I went for wellies – I’d had enough of the sloshing and sliding about!

And I wanted to share this close-up of my hat with my hair tucked in to show you the beautiful hair clips Jess gave me for Christmas. They’re from Eclectic Eccentricity again – she does lovely stuff!

Ok, time to hit the town!


4 thoughts on “Wrap it up!

  1. Those clips are absolutely adorable – as is the hat! I really need to invest in a pair of wellies, too: they seem to be the only practical solution for this weather!

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