Thaw and trews

See – I do own one pair of trousers…
Also, this cardi was £7 in the sales – I feel it’s done it’s time already!

It was definitely raining when I left for London this morning. Raining, not snowing, not hailing, not sleeting. I don’t think I’ve ever before been pleased to see rain in my life!

See, I’d had a minor dilemma in the footwear department. I was going to the BETT show, and simply couldn’t make wellies look professional, but neither could I abide the thought of an entire day spent with wet feet. So, the only option open to me seemed to be my cheap plastic cowboy boots. Because, being cheap and therefore plastic, they’re also waterproof!

Waterproof – and completely without grip.

I’ve been feeling quite smug about the fact that I, Caroline, she of the high school nickname “break-a-leg” because I was ALWAYS on crutches, have managed to last out The Big Freeze without falling over. I’ve seen others fall over, I’ve even helped a couple get up again, and for the first time I wasn’t the one on the floor.

Of course, the first thing I did when I walked out of the front door this morning was slip on the ice. It hadn’t actually thawed as yet, and as I’ve said, my shoes were entirely without grip.

Note, though, that I didn’t say that I slipped over. I somehow managed to turn the slip into a glide, which took me pretty much all the way down to the road. Where the blessed rain was thankfully washing away the remaining ice.

I have to say, after the initial split second’s panic I quite enjoyed the glide! It was how I imagine ice skating would feel if I had any degree of balance… Of course, last time I tried to skate I somehow got stuck in a spin and had to take out a passing stranger to stop myself. I’m not a natural…

But that’s not the point. By the time I got back to Le Spa tonight the majority of the ice had disappeared. And my record remains in tact. Let me say it once here for posterity’s sake:

I, break-a-leg, lasted out the 2010 Big Freeze without falling over once!

Yay me!


6 thoughts on “Thaw and trews

  1. Hurrah! A round of applause for surviving The Big Freeze Cie! You know, as I was reading this post I was thinking to myself, “she really does fall over a lot” as I could remember past posts where you’d done so on many an occasion!

    I must tell you about the most spectacular fall ever, which I witnessed in Bristol the other week…outside a Tesco Metros and nobody was attempting to go in due to the almost glass-like ice in front of the doorway. Then, a rather plucky young girl decided to chance it, slipped instantly and then glided rather elegantly on her back right towards the door which then opened automatically for her to continue her glide into the shop. It even closed behind her together with an almost triumphant sounding beep!

    Seriously, the most amazing fall I’ve ever seen – it was textbook slapstick!

    A x

  2. Congratulations!

    I have to admit, I did not survive the big freeze entirely on my feet! Last weekend when we were walking the dogs in a local country park, I attempted to go down a small icy slope to the path and, of course, ended up landing heavily on my bum and sliding to the path instead of walking like I intended to. Luckily I managed to stop myself there instead of continuing – the other side of the path had a steep hill which lots of people were sledging down!

    • Ooh – close call Zoe! My best ever dog-walking fall was when Harry and I had decided to cut across the field behind our house. There was a ridge where a wire fence had been trodden down, and it had rained lots, so was really muddy out. My foot somehow slid in the mud under a hoop of wire fence, Harry kept going, the lead tightened and – SPLAT – flat on my face. In the mud. Head to toe.

      Dog-walking can be treacherous! xx

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