I had a very successful shopping day yesterday! I asked the girl in Oxfam why there was so much great stuff in and she said it was a combination of factors – post-Christmas clear out donations, the usual post-Christmas tightening of the purse strings, and the snow, which has kept people out of the shops for a couple of weeks. Either way I went out for a list of specific items. These included:

  1. A denim jacket
  2. A navy blazer
  3. A floral button-through dress
  4. Brown calf-length boots
  5. Brightly coloured (pencil) skirts (office wear)
  6. Shirts/blouses (office wear)
  7. Office-appropriate dresses.

I came back with:

1. A denim jacket

£3.99 from Age Concern

2. A navy blazer

Pristine vintage 1970s velvet St Michael jacket: £5 from Myton Hospice

5. Brightly coloured (pencil) skirts

Fabulous patterned cord skirt: £3.30 BHF

Pattern detail

Close-up of the label – cos I love it!

6. Shirts/blouses

Laura Ashley pin-tuck frilled blouse: £3.40 from BHF

7. Office appropriate dresses

Laura Ashley wrap dress: £4.99 from Oxfam
(sneak peek only – I’ll be modelling it this week!)

4. Brown calf-length boots

I came SO close to blowing £47 odd on a pair of brown leather Nine West boots in the House of Fraser sale. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but they were quality, less than half price, and I reasoned they would last. Still, I gave them back to the shop assistant and told her I would think about them…

Then I went into Jones where I came even closer to shelling out £65 on a pair of half price Timberlands – a lot nearer to what I was looking for, but definitely beyond my price range. I left them “to think about” too…

And then, in Oxfam I found these:

They’re vintage by K shoes (remember K shoes?! I do!), brown sheepskin lined. snug as anything and are called Snow Maids. Snow Maids!! What a great name!

They are in perfect condition, almost exactly what I was after, and only £9.99. Which left me plenty of pennies to splash out £4.99 on a can of protective spray to keep them in pristine condition – the shop assistant said it would waterproof them as long as, in this weather, I remembered to spray them every week or two!

All of which allowed me to play around with a previous charity shop bargain, a 90s floral mini dress, to create my own 90s inspired look:

I’m not yet convinced by the denim jacket. I’ll see how it feels come Spring…


7 thoughts on “Purchases

  1. Impressive haul! Fab boots and yes, I remember K Shoes – wore them for years for school when I was little.

    The cord skirt looks very vintage. I Googled Pacific 7 but couldn’t find any info on a clothing line.

    And the denim jacket is great. You are probably way ahead and come the summer everyone will be wearing them. I’ve hung onto both of mine, one of which is very similar in shape to that one you’ve just bought. And cost a whole lot more.

  2. As always, I’m in awe of your mad thrifting skillz – I SO need to try and hit the charity shops in Edinburgh soon!

    These are all great finds, and I’m really liking the floral dress/denim jacket look. I have a dark denim jacket from Zara which I was planning to wear in a similar way in summer, but you’re making me want a lighter coloured one too now!

  3. Amazing purchases, all around! Wish I could go thrifting with you sometime – I get the feeling that you’ve just got the eye for it. Alas, there’s that Atlantic Ocean and all… 😛

    Love the denim jacket, btw. 🙂

  4. Thanks ladies – glad you’re all impressed! I think I just had a really lucky day – sometimes you go out and find nothing, other times the thrifting gods are just on your side. I’m still looking for some smarter, Emma Pillsbury inspired coloured pencil skirts and some floral button-through dresses… but I saw SO MUCH amazing stuff in other people’s sizes this weekend, I really wanted to dress the world and his wife!

    Any time you’re in the area you’re all more than welcome to come thrifting with me. And Fi, if I’m ever up your way again I insist on you taking me to some of your regular haunts!

    😀 xx

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