The weather forecast promised me a warm six degrees this morning. Now, I’ll admit that I was wary – I still packed my hat and scarf in my bag just in case the weatherman was wrong AGAIN – but I believed him enough to wear only one pair of tights and my short jacket rather than a long coat. I was bitterly disappointed, however, to hit the main road and find it shining with a light covering of silvery frost. Not that I really minded – I had my new snow maidens on! 😀

Still, the sky was a lovely bright blue and I was in an equally bright mood. At the bus stop I had a long chat (my bus was late – shocker!) to a local homeless fella who goes by the name Nicky, who told me how proud he was that his nephew had escaped the family’s tradition of ending up in prison to go to university. Despite our late start we arrived in Stratford early, and what with the sun beaming down I thought some of my readers from further afield might like a sneak peak of the hot spots of this lovely literary town:

The RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) Theatre
– currently undergoing a makeover, hence the building work

The River Avon – today it had over-run its banks!


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