Dog thoughts

My new shirt got an outing today!

At lunchtime today I felt a desperate need for chocolate. Maybe it was hormonal, maybe it was blue Monday calling, but whatever it was felt much stronger than my usual yearning, so I indulged in a bag of chocolate buttons – comforter of children everywhere! As I stood opening my buttons, waiting for the traffic lights to change, I felt a gentle pressure at my ankles, and looked down to see an adorable English bull terrier, head cocked on one side, paw raised begging. And I wondered what exactly it is that goes through a dog’s mind when they hear the familiar rustle of a sweet wrapper…

I mean, how do you think dogs think? Harry, our family dog, can hear a Kit Kat being opened from the next room. I like to imagine his thought process runs something along the lines of:

“Ooh – what was that? It could be a Quality Street, there are some left from Christmas lying around… Oh, wait… nope, nope, I think it’s actually Daddy-Pete rummaging about in the After Eights. Might be some left… better check it out!”

Particularly as Harry always looks so pensive (not to mention pathetic!) when begging for a treat – like he’s really thought this one through and needs something to replenish his energy levels. Unfortunately, I think in reality his thoughts run more along the lines of:


Gobble gobble.


The funny thing was that the terrier’s behaviour actually supported theory 1 more than theory 2. His owner, seeing what he was doing, looked down at him and said “Lucky, don’t be greedy – you’ve just had some chicken for lunch. Remember?” At which Lucky stopped begging, came to heel and sat waiting to cross the road. As if he understood perfectly.

Mind, I can’t see Harry behaving like that any time soon!


6 thoughts on “Dog thoughts

  1. I like the look of the short sleeved sweater over the button down top. I will have to try that out. I don’t often wear button down shirts because a)I’m often too lazy to iron & b)I’m a bit busty, and the shirts pull or gap across that area. So, I think the over sweater would help with the pull/gap. Now, I just need to get over my laziness. 😉

    • I know what you mean, Corey! I too avoid shirts for this reason although wearing a jumper does mean you only have to iron the collar and sleeves!!

      • Ladies, this is exactly why you’ll never see me in a shirt WITHOUT something over the top. I have a couple of what the Brits call tank tops but the US refer to as sweater vests, but I actually prefer the slightly quirky edge a short sleeved sweater adds to a conventional look.

        Also, wearing a shirt under a v-neck top means you can leave that one annoying button that pulls across the bust open without flashing – it hints at the sexiness of a plunging neckline without actually being inappropriate!

        That said, the shirt actually FITS me, and has a gorgeous frill down the front which is hidden in this look – so you may see it without the top over before too long! 😀

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