Chasing Angela

Last week I won a £5 amazon voucher in one of the survey competitions I do online. I usually hold onto my vouchers until they accumulate, but all that 90s chat over the weekend had got me to reminiscing and I wanted a quick hit… so I splashed out the extra £1.96 on a box set. It arrived yesterday and I watched the first disc last night.

So, looking at today’s outfit can you guess what it is? The main influences I’ve borrowed are:

  1. Black lace-up ankle boots: I picked these up in a charity shop for £1.99 about 18 months ago. I figured they’d be practical for those days I need to wear something comfy with grip under my jeans. Considering how often I wear jeans, need something comfy and grippy and don’t wear either trainers or wellies, they were probably less of a bargain than they seemed. But that could all change now I’ve started wearing them with skirts…
  2. Plaid: Ok, so it should be a more muted, flannelette kinda plaid,… but any excuse to wear my beloved green checked dress!
  3. Button-through: So this one technically doesn’t button through – just to the waist, but it demonstrates the influence!

Have you guessed yet? Yup, I’m reliving my teen angst via Angela Chase in My So Called Life. I loved everything about that programme – the drama, the clothes, Jordan Catalano… in fact, I’m pretty sure one of the defining crushes of my high school years was entirely based on the fact that he had a similar hair cut and wore flannel shirts and a shoe lace knotted round his neck. Anyone who knows my taste in men will know I’ve never outgrown “curtains”.

And Angela’s outfits – wow! They’re just so ill-fitting, so shapeless, so mismatched – so nineties! There’s one dress in particular that I coveted through high school and still covet now, that she wears again and again, with different coloured tights. (I like it when TV shows put high school kids in the same outfit more than once, it is far more true-to-life. I’ve noticed Glee! do it too, with Rachel, Finn et al.) I looked everywhere for a picture of it online, and the best I could find was this:

Which barely does it justice… but you get the picture.

Oh and one more thing? Every time I even see a picture of Angela I feel the urge to dye my hair auburn again. Thankfully I’m currently enjoying my “winter coat” anyway – more strawberry and less blond with every dark and sun-less day. But I wouldn’t say no to Angela’s glossy crimson bob – just for a little while!


6 thoughts on “Chasing Angela

  1. Oh my – curtains! That takes me back, though to be honest, I’m still a sucker for the floppy-haired too if I think about it! I used to wear my hair like Rayannes, complete with blonde bit in the front. Dear god.

    The box-set is awesome, the angel episode still makes me cry as does when Angela and Rayanne re-enact ‘Our Town’ (you’ll get to those eps soon enough) and I am so loving your dress!

    Random aside, I once saw the guy who plays Brian Krakow in an ep of some US TV show not too long ago – and he was buff. So disturbing on many levels.

    A x

    • I do love a bit of floppy hair on a man. Or curly hair (Aidan Turner??!!!) Or good shoulder-length hair, like Johnny Depp in Chocolat…

      Very few men can pull off the looooong haired look, but I had a picture of Anthony Kiedis with his loose locks on my bedroom wall at home AGES after all my other teen crush pics had come down…

      Seriously, could talk about beautiful long-haired men for hours!!

      I saw Angel last night, and cried too. But Brian buff is just wrong… and I don’t think I can even imagine it!!

      Off to google – I have to see this…

      And then I might google Jordan. And Aidan. And Johnny. And Anthony… Can’t think of a better use for my lunch hour!


  2. I loved that dress too, though when I watched (all of, several times!) the box set in the summer I found myself wanting to dress like Rayanne a worrying amount… I still do, I think! And crying a lot more than I remember when I watched it as a kid. That Angel episode with Ricky is so sad!

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