I want these…

A-Cute Triangle Heels in teal, $44.99

And these…

Empowerment Shoes in Third Wave: $34.99

And these…

Cursive Class Wedges: $107.99

All from Modcloth

Just sharing…


6 thoughts on “I want these…

  1. I like those teal shoes a lot, but I associate that colour with happiness! When I broke up with my ex pretty much the first thing I did was go out and buy a very similar pair from Topshop – my hair was already short so it was my equivalent of cutting all my hair off! The shoes are so badly battered and old now but I can’t bear to part with them.

    Do you think you’ll be buying any of them? I promised myself I would be really good this month because it’s a long month (we get paid early for Christmas) but I have been unsuccessful, having bought two pairs of shoes and two dresses. Oh well!

    • I can’t be buying anything just now sadly – am likely to be pretty much broke for the foreseeable future, what with my monthly travel costs eating up my entire pay rise and then some, leaving me worse off than I was before! I have done with splurging for the time being…

  2. I would love to have all of them! Unfortunately, my podiatrist says the pain in my feet will not go away if I continue with the heels. I am currently trying to replace my beautiful shoes with flats. It is difficult (and sad).

    What size shoe do you wear? I have some gorgeous wine colored patent t-straps that I think you would adore.

    • Oh no – you have such gorgeous shoes (I vaguely remeber some stunners!)

      The shoes sound lovely! I wear a Uk 6.5 ideally, which I think is a US size 8.5? But it depends on the shoes – sometimes I fit a 6, sometimes a 7. I have narrow feet.

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