Flowers in the smoke

The Laura Ashley wrap dress
I picked up in Oxfam last weekend

Today I attended an SEO workshop in London, so was on the 6.20am train down to the big smoke. One of my favourite things about the city is the temperature – even if you get off the train half-frozen – as I inevitably do – you know that within five minutes you’ll be sweating it out on a packed tube train with hundreds of fellow visitors, commuters and tourists. You’re never too cold too long!

I must say, I don’t envy the London commute. It’s not the traveling I’m bothered about – my current Leamington to Oxford travel score adds up to just over an hour each way. But the tube commute is so isolating and sinister. There you are, herded through narrow, tiled corridors, the only sound that of heels clipping an out of time march. During rush hour no-one talks, you just walk in silence, the eeriness occasionally punctuated by a lone busker. It can seem quite alien to an outsider.

Despite having been there three times in the last eight days, I still have the sort of relationship with London that makes me excited to be In The City, so the scare factor just adds to the adventure. I love that you can travel for 15-20 minutes underground, and where you come up can seem like an entirely different town. If you were to compare Holborn, where I was today (with its majestic, elegant cityscape and sea of pinstripe suits) to my visit to Annie’s in Brick Lane last year (bohemian, vintage, market-chic) you’d think yourself in another country. That prospect of variety really excites me.

The course was brilliant, led by Lisa Myers (@lisadmyers), co-founder of SEO Chicks and all-round tech-whizz-geek-type. I learned a lot and came home with two pages of notes – a mixture of both “to-do” lists for work and secondhand shopper and social media campaign ideas for Macmilllan. I’m excited to start implementing them!

On another note, last night was the sew make believe felt flowers workshop. The skill-sharing element is working really well, and this week it was Jo’s turn to lead us in making our own brooches. As per usual, we all ended up with our own individual take on the pattern. It was fantastic to come away with not one, but two new skills to play with. Thanks Jo for running a fabulous evening!

Some of Jo’s sample masterpieces

The girls hard at work

The groups’ finished masterpieces

With the last 10 minutes Jo showed us a super-fast way to make rosettes


5 thoughts on “Flowers in the smoke

  1. Went in the Guild Hall Gallery shop today in Stafford and thought of you. They were selling felt flowers just like those and they were not cheap! xxx

  2. Oh my god…a blog that links to us AND is about second-hand shopping!! I love you. I am a totally mad thrift store shopper so I’m so glad I found this site. And yeah…Lisa’s impressive isn’t she? Gorgeous, amazingly articulate, and just overall…IMPRESSIVE.

    BTW I love those flowers!

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