Wash… tell me I’m pretty.

And no, that’s not aimed at  you, my lovely readers. You see my pictures, and people often say how much prettier I look in images than in real life. I mean, not that I do anything to my pictures, but I know how to pose a certain way. I look better if I don’t look directly at the camera.

Anyhoo, to go out tonight I updated my look with a net underskirt and red lipstick. And I thought you might like to see my finished rosette, which is actually perfect on my coat! Woo!

I had a lovely night out with Roisin and her friends.  A great night at the pub – thank you so much to Roisin for inviting us! xx


10 thoughts on “Wash… tell me I’m pretty.

  1. Hurrah! I had a brilliant time too – glad you had fun and hope we can do it again soon. And we should DEFINITELY get together for some Pertwee time with Kate as well. Oh, also, although you are undoubtedly very photogenic you are even prettier in real life – the photos can’t capture your very expressive face x

  2. Rachael is right on the money – I remember sitting in your room one night at uni watching you do your hair for a night out, and thinking to myself, “I wish I had her good looks….. and confidence….. and fashion sense….”
    I love the rosette, you should do a workshop on how to make them….. preferably on a Saturday! 🙂

    • The rosette was what Jo taught us in the last 10 mins of the felt flower workshop. They really are soooo simple! I’ll show you next time we meet…

      And thank you sweetheart. xx 😀

  3. Is the title some sort of insult? I am confused by Rachael’s comment. I think you are gorgeous just in case someone thinks I’m a dick.

    • Hehe – the title is a quote from Firefly. Wash is the pilot, and Kayleigh, the mechanic.

      Kayleigh: Wash… tell me I’m pretty.
      Wash: Were I not wed to the most beautiful woman in the world – who could kill me with her pinky – I would take you in a manly fashion.
      Kayleigh: …Because I’m pretty?
      Wash: Because you’re pretty.

      Makes me laugh.

      I think Rachael was saying anyone who thinks I look better in pictures than real life is a dick – not you! 😀

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