What’s with people today?

I’m ranty today. Grrrrrrrr.

People can be so inconsiderate. On the train this morning a guy tried to make the girl next to me get up for the 15 minutes it takes to get from Banbury to Oxford because she was in his reserved seat. I told her to stay and gave him my seat instead, but was irritated by his complete lack of chivalry.

And it wasn’t just that isolated incident. In the seats in front of us there was almost a bust up when a girl who’d been on the train one stop refused to move because she was there first. Waiting for the bus people were pushing and shoving to get on first. On the train home there were lots of people forced to stand because people were sitting with their bags or coats beside them. Kate picked me up at the station, and in the car park no-one would let her reverse out. Then we spent an hour beside the speaker phone waiting for a phone call we’d scheduled for 7.30pm – a phone call that never came.

Seriously, what is with people? Where do they get off being so damned rude?


5 thoughts on “What’s with people today?

  1. How irritating! I wouldn’t have a problem with the guy asking her to give him his seat (I would do the same if a guy or gal was in my booked seat), but all the rest is rude, insensitive, and depressing.

    Ranting helps though, so get it all out!

  2. I HATE it when the train is full and people keep their bags on seats. If they’re so bothered about having someone to sit next to them they shouldn’t be taking public transport. I was on a busy train back from London once and two people sitting at a table told me the other two seats were taken when I asked could I sit down. Two elderly people got on the train and were standing, and when it pulled out of the station it became clear that the people sitting at the table had lied to me. I was fuming, and Martha stepped in and asked them to move their things so the elderly couple could sit down. I should have done that but I was too angry to see straight! If I were a conductor I’d be so hated, I’d make people pay for the extra seat their bag was sitting on.

    On a more positive note, the past few times I’ve been in London for work I have had very good experiences on the tube. I’ve been offered seats and also a nice man carrying a suitcase made a point of standing back to let me get onto the escalator in front of him. I know these are only small things, but they do make a difference on the commute.

  3. I feel the same as Lauren regarding the reserved seat. If you book a seat it’s yours and anyone who refuses to move is the one with bad manners. 🙂

  4. Manners are a subject of some considerable conjecture these days.
    Who is right and who is wrong?
    You were exceptional Caroline in offering a senior person your seat when it’s not required of you. I guess so many people guarding their personal space the root cause and very difficult on a crowded train.
    Don’t change Caroline!! Granny would be proud of you!!
    I’d have poked him in the eye with me brolly!!

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