Pencilled in

My second pencil skirt in two weeks! This one is slightly Emma Pillsbury influenced, but really more of a tribute to the great Joan Holloway – who is much closer to my shape anyway!

I’ve noticed something funny that happens when I wear a pencil skirt. Because I’m self conscious, I have to stand up straight. (Which can only be a good thing!) But this standing up straight, holding my head high, seems to affect my confidence. I am (to me at least) notably more assertive. I stride out with the certainty that I can get across the road before that bus mows me down. I look people in the eye and demand (still politely!) that they give up that seat they’re using as a coat stand. I’m just that little bit less meek and mild-mannered…

As I said, gotta be a good thing?

So, I guess I should be buying more pencil skirts! This one is another charity shop find, and I love its preppy bright pink and green stripes. What you (sadly) can’t see are the hot pink tights hiding under my knee boots – though the rest of the world gets the occasional flash as I walk. I like to “flash” on occasion…


felt flowers sewmakebelieve

Sew make believe book club tonight, and we finally got around to discussing our much-delayed second book, The White Tiger. We’ll be writing up the chat in a later blog post, but suffice to say people reacted just as strongly as they did to The Kite Runner

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know how we made our lovely felt flowers you can follow Jo’s directions  on the SMB blog.


4 thoughts on “Pencilled in

  1. I LOVE this look on you! Fabulous! And such a shame we can’t see the tights. You should definitely wear pencil skirts more often. And I love the addition of the flower. I must dig my flowers out again now that spring is (maybe) coming.

  2. The skirt is really cool – I love the length of it. And I know just what you mean as well – I have a few dresses with very fitted skirts (like that pink checked one I wore to the Sausage that night) and I do stand a little straighter and walk a little more assertively in them. Anyway, you look great! 🙂

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