I’ve done a bit of an accidental “inspirational bloggers” theme today. It wasn’t til I checked a cat of impossible colour that I realised Andrea and I had both chosen our blue polka dot dresses to wear this morning – with red berets and coloured coat toppers. I was planning on wearing the shoes, but ended up in boots because its freezing out! I did wear my jacket when I got to work though – it was cold enough to need it!

Then, my outfit to go out for drinks with Lauren tonight was totally (and deliberately) a tribute to Erin of work with what you’ve got. Cos I love her style!

And now I need to run – I’m already 10 mins late!!


3 thoughts on “Tributes

  1. I love the spotty one! And I forgot to say in my comment in the buses post that the silky flowery dress is just gorgeous. You are making me want to go shopping, woman! It’s a good thing I’m lounging around in my PJs waiting for the oven to heat up to make your nutella cake, and can’t go on a charity shop rampage!

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