Book Review: The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master by Joanne Owen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
In historical, magical Prague one cold winter, orphan Milenka and her friend Lukas meet The Puppet Master, a hypnotist of extraordinary skill assisted by some of the creepiest sidekicks children’s literature has seen since the Child Catcher. When an invitation to the masters opening night performance arrives alongside a perfectly carved doll of her mother, Milenka can’t resist the call to the show…

Joanne Owen takes traditional Czech folk legend about the founding of Prague and mixes in hypnotism, herbalism and the famous Bohemian marionettes to create a fantastical fairytale with a feminist touch. The story sweeps you along, entrancing with its twists and turns yet somehow keeping you grounded via Baba’s mouth-watering home-cooking! Well worth a read – particularly for anyone with an interest in traditional myth and legend.

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